MAXWELL – A Very Rare Gem is RESERVED!

All about MAXWELL – A Very Rare Gem is RESERVED!

Chip No: 250268501951168
Date of Birth: 1 October 2018
Breed Type: Belgian Shepherd - Malinois - full bred
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Livestock: Yes
OK Cats: Yes if confident and used to dogs.
OK Children: No reason at all to doubt with older respectful children.

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If you love a shepherd, look no further.  MAXWELL is waiting.

MAXWELL – has been a LesAmis dog for a while but has been hidden from view as he was in Foster with View to Adoption since October last.  Their family circumstances sadly changed, he moved into foster and is totally ready for adoption.

What can we say about MAXWELL?  If ever there was a super well-balanced young man who would be an asset to any active family, it is him.  Especially a family interested in canine activities!

MAXWELL does not demand attention constantly.  He knows how to amuse himself – and that is not doing naughty things!  He will play alone with his toys and pass the time away.  He is a joy to train and is eager to please.  He has learned that inside the home is relax and calm time; outdoors offers activities of different kinds.  He has recently been introduced to agility.

His one problem has been his reactivity to cars, so living in the centre of a town would be his worst nightmare.   His dislike of passing cars is being worked on and huge progress made.  Given he originally came under our wing because he was found in the gutter with a broken leg, probably the result of being “attacked” by one of these ghastly creatures, it is perhaps not surprising that he has this reaction.  That said – MAXWELL does not see cars as a problem when it comes to travel!! . . . Hup! he is in as soon as the boot is opened . . . and he’s ready for the off!  He’s a fantastic traveller – no barking, no sickness – just quietly settles and trusts he’s going somewhere nice.

MAXWELL is an exceptionally polite dog, attentive and obedient.   He would bring great joy to a family interested in keeping both his body and his brain active.  He is having to learn about cats and we are sure there would be absolutely no problem with confident, feisty cats.  Cats that run or disappear are a bit more of a challenge – but there is no nastiness in this dog at all .

He has recently discovered water and loves to swim and retrieve anything thrown for him.

MAXWELL is dearly loved in his foster home.  But his fosterer has had to recognise that with a smallholding to run single-handedly including lots of other animals she does not have the energy left to give him the joyful life she would wish for him. He is an incredibly handsome dog, a beautiful soul with a gentle and intelligent mind.

This is what his fosterer says about him:

Max deserves the best for he is a very balanced dog. Never any aggressive behaviour; sociable with people as well as with other dogs. He can stay alone, but needs to exercise of course as he is a young lively dog. He LOVES to play with balls, sticks, his bowl after eating if no toy in the area! He never barks, he takes life as it comes and knows how to adapt to every new situation. He is clever, and he loves humans.

If you are interested in this rarely found gem, you can:

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  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
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MAXWELL is currently in foster in Department 24 but distance need not be a problem for the right adoptive family