MAYA: A Little Smasher waiting to come out

All about MAYA: A Little Smasher waiting to come out

CHIP NO: 250269300251334
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 September 2017
VACCINATED: Yes with Passport

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MAYA’s progress continues  – and she never ceases to delight.  UPDATE SOON  once she is sterilised.
Meet MAYA:  When she arrived at the refuge she was totally terrified.  If she could have got inside the wall she would gladly have done so.  We are grateful to the work of the refuge staff for getting her to a stage where she was willing to be stroked and have a lead put on her.   She is now in foster under our wing and blossoming fast!
This is her fosterer’s first report after 5 days living with her:
5 years old and a head full of fears and who knows .
It’s been a challenging first 3 days of fear aggression to dogs and strange humans especially men … all fear based, not her fault.. x.
But even in 3 days this little onion is starting to peel her layers back to reveal her beauty inside.and she is beautiful, super intelligent and loving .
Yesterday and today have been her best days – running round the garden tail up and running without a care, head up …bliss .. not quite ready to jump around with the others in play but it won’t be long !!!
Once she trusts you…. you are her everything she is soooo loving
She has a long way to go to get her strange men happy and used to busy everyday normal life things, before she is ready for her forever home… .but that’s the fun part for us watching her bloom There is a little smasher in there waiting to come out xxxxxxx well done Maya xx
MAYA is in foster in the Ariège.  We’ll update her progress but anyone wishing to express interest in her should complete our application form, the link to which is on this page, OR if you are already known to us, please drop us a line to