MAYA: How good does she have to be?

All about MAYA: How good does she have to be?

CHIP NO: 250269300251334
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 September 2017
VACCINATED: Yes with Passport
OK CHICKENS: Ignores if penned
OK CHILDREN: Recommend older, responsible children only because of excitement levels.

Enquire about MAYA: How good does she have to be?

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MAYA is a 5 year medium-sized (around 20 kg) dog.  Her breed type is given as Berger X and that is how she shows up:  quick, responsive, orientated to her humans, eager to please, quick on recall, keeps you in sight.

MAYA has come a very long way in foster care since she was abandoned in the refuge and did her very best to melt into the wall she was so scared.  She is now ready to find her forever home, and here is her shopping list:

Please may I have:

  • A loving family who will continue to help me forget my horrid past and do things in a way that give me confidence
  • A family that likes to have an only dog – I’m good with other dogs but would really really like a family all to myself, and then some friends to play with occasionally . . . and I don’t mind if you have a cat .
  • A special human who will do all sorts of interesting things with me because I love learning and who wants me as a real companion so we can go places and do things together.
  • A family that lives in a place where I can have the opportunity to run free – I don’t go far away from your side and my recall is excellent.
  • A family that don’t mind having a “very bright button” – because that’s me!
  • Oh and I don’t mind being left on my own in the house if you have to go out sometimes – I do a good guarding job and don’t make a mess at all.

This is what her foster Mum who knows her the best says about her:

MAYA is a highly intelligent dog and has amazed us with her speed of learning . She can sit, wait , stay, heel off lead and her recall is excellent.  Furthermore she responds to a-ah or ‘no’ immediately!  She is so willing to learn that the sky is the limit with tricks and training.  She is very affectionate and loves to physically cuddle you.  In fact one of her ambition is to be a lapdog.

MAYA is fully crate-trained, and sleeps quietly in it overnight where she is totally clean.  She loves the car and travels well – even on twisty mountainous roads!

She really is amazing and causes a lot of praise and admiration from strangers when we are out and about!

If you think you can fulfil Maya’s shopping list and would like to learn more about her, please apply using the link on this page.  If you are already known to us, please contact us on
MAYA is currently in foster in Department 11, Aude.  However an appropriate loving home is more important than location.