Chip no: 250269100012861
Breed type: Collie x Retriever?
Date of Birth: 1 January 2017
Vaccinations: YES including rabies and passport
Sterilised: not yet - will be done in a home environment
Other dogs: Yes
Cats: Is fine with dog-friendly (ie non-skittish) cats
Poultry: appears to take no notice - but not seen free range
Kids: Apparently lived with in close proximity before so no reason to doubt


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Please meet MAYA –

she really is a fantastic dog. Excellent temperament and easy to walk.

MAYA was one of 4 dogs rescued from extremely cramped conditions, living with children, and a large number of cats.   Her housemates have found foster homes and have settled in beautifully.  MAYA has not yet been that lucky . . . but she keeps on smiling!  These dogs, although living in inappropriate conditions, have proved themselves to be loving and kind.  They have not been mistreated in any cruel sense of the word.  And this is shining through in all of their temperaments.

MAYA is said to be the timid one of the pack, the one that is hesitant to step forward for a stroke  . . . but it does not take her long to get over her hesitancy.  Indeed, now she is free of the dominance of her previous house-mates, her confidence in stepping forward has grown and her hesitation is disappearing.  She is delighted to go for a walk and loves to be groomed – once she has realised that it is gentle and comforting.

MAYA is currently a little on the porky side – but that is probably due to a combination of her love of food and the fact that she has probably never known sufficient exercise.  So she is a bit of a raw recruit – eager to learn, clean in the home, now walks easily on the lead.

No matter from what angle a photo is taken she has such a fun-loving face, an expectant smile

So we are looking for a foster only , or a potential adoptive home where she can grow in confidence,  a fairly active home with humans that like a good walk, and ideally a canine friend for company.   We were advised ‘no cats’ though she lived in a home with 26 of them.  Further checks have been done and she totally ignores the barn cats at the pension even in quite close proximity – so we feel it safe to say that with dog-friendly cats she will be fine.  She’d love a large enclosed garden for free running initially, or the opportunity to be “free” on a long-line either in the garden on as part of her daily walks, and perhaps most importantly, someone interested in helping her use her brain in a training/games context.

Currently in Dept 64, help may be available with travel to the right home.

If you think you can help MAYA, please complete the online application form – link on this page, or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at