MIA – A Shining Star

All about MIA – A Shining Star

CHIP NO: 250269610249872
BREED TYPE: Labrador
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 May 2021
VACCINATED: Yes including rabies and passport
OK DOGS: yes

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Please meet the gorgeous and intelligent MIA.

We have known MIA for some time having come to us first of all heavily in whelp at a very young age.  She went on to recover from her maternal duties in foster and then was adopted by a loving family.  However they had to let her go urgently when the lady of the family had her second accident as a result of being pulled over by MIA.

With her adoptive family she was being trained and was responding well.  This has continued in her current foster home and she is, in her fosterer’s view, quite a shining star.

We think it likely that MIA had to grow up too quickly in her previous life and so has not had the puppyhood she deserved.  This does not mean that she is puppy-like but that she needs time to grow mentally into her grown-up body!  She is completely and unfailingly kind with humans.  She does have a tendency to be excited with and towards other dogs when on the lead.  However she now has several coping strategies, not to mention a handler who gives her confidence, and is rapidly getting very used to those dogs she sees on a regular basis – and these vary from gentle dogs to very reactive snarling dogs behind a fence.  Whereas these would have previously totally overwhelmed her, they no longer do.  This is huge progress.

Meeting other dogs offlead was always feared by her previous adoptive family because of her on-lead reaction.  She has now started a process of meeting other dogs in a phased and gentle way.  Her first new ‘friend’ was a small, 14 year old dog – perhaps not what you’d think would be a first choice.  Her fosterer says

Mia has just had her play date with Jack Russell, Poppy. She was a little too giddy for two minutes and then settled down to appropriate play with a 14 year old little dog.

In all other respects MIA is a dream. She demonstrates so many of the best Labrador qualities, loving to give and receive cuddles. She is very eager to please and wants to learn which makes giving her new things to learn and trust are very easy.  She’s perfect in the home environment, and we know that she is a fabulous traveller having travelled with her previous adoptive family several times to the UK and to the Czech Republic – quite significant journeys!.  Such a lovely girlie who deserves the best chance in the world.

While still a work in progress, should that right family come along who are interested in taking up the baton for her in her development, then we would be delighted for her.

MIA is currently in foster in Department 86 (Vienne).  However as always the right family for her, and her for them, is far more important than location.

If you are drawn to know more about MIA, then please complete the online application on this page, or, if you are already known to us, just drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

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