MIA: Starting Over

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CHIP NO: 250269610249872
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 May 2021

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WEDNESDAY – 30 MARCH 2022 – MIA became a Mum.

MIA has come under our wing in order to have her babies which are due soon.  MIA herself is still just a baby at only 10 months old.  She has had little experience of life – and what she has had appear not to be such good ones – especially around other dogs where at the moment she tries to defend herself with her life – even when it is not required at all!

We therefore anticipate that once MIA has had her babies and they are ready to fly the nest she will need a home that is willing to put in the time for her to become the dog we all know she can be.  She is superb with humans – very loving and gentle.

We shall update her story as it unfolds.  At the moment she is simply a lady in waiting!