MILA: Just wants to be loved

All about MILA: Just wants to be loved

Chip No: 250269300197476
Date of Birth: 30 September 2015
Breed Type: Griffon Fauve
Vaccinated: Yes with Passport
Sterilised: To be done
OK Dogs: Yes

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MILA’s journey has been a long one.  Of 3 dogs rescued from a situation of maltreatment and neglected, she was by far the most traumatised.  She had probably been used as nothing but a baby-making machine.  Taken into a refuge first of all, it took several weeks before MILA would let anyone near her to touch her, let alone put a lead on her.  She was simply terrified, but never aggressive.

We say this to appreciate the huge strides that MILA is now making in her foster home where her foster Mum and her lifetime fosterling, Grina, are helping MILA to become accustomed to situations we taken as natural and normal for a dog.  Here she is learning not to be terrified of the car – and see progress report below!!!

A real beauty, MILA is going to make a super dog and we applaud every baby step she takes in that direction.


MILA is now able to travel in the car without being totally panicked.  Despite having to make the journey to the vet (where she was absolutely perfectly behaved),  she is rapidly learning that jaunts in the car lead to lovely walks!

This is what her fosterer says:

I took her to the vet today to complete her vaccination. A visit I was NOT looking forward to!!! I took a muzzle just in case. I needn’t have worried!!! She behaved beautifully.  
She was frightened and shaking when we first went in, but calmed down quickly. When the vet checked her heart she said it was strong and steady. No sign of her being stressed. I asked the vet to check her front teeth (what few there are!). She allowed her to do so with no problem. She did not flinch when she was injected and then strolled out calmly, ignoring the other patients and their owners. I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!!

She is an amazing dog. Whoever gets her will have the most loving and loyal companion.  She desperately wants to be loved and will pay back in spades!!

We now feel that MILA is potentially ready for her new home, but under FOSTER WITH VIEW TO ADOPTION.  She still needs to be sterilised and will need time and patience in helping her settle into a new environment.  However if this is the last time she has to experience upheaval and change, it will be such a joy for her.

MILA is currently fostered in Department 82 (Tarn et Garonne) but we will be looking for the right home for MILA regardless of location or distance.  If she has captured your heart, please contact us at