MILO – A chance to mature

All about MILO – A chance to mature

CHIP NO: 250269610185113
DATE OF BIRTH; 1 January 2022
VACCINATED: Yes with passport
OK Dogs: A bit barky and nervous at first but learning quickly
OK Children: Yes
OK Cats/poultry/livestock: Not tested

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PLEASE MEET MILO – who is still technically a puppy being under one year old.  And yet he is still searching for the right home, simply because he needs a family prepared to be with him, work with him, and help him become the fantastic dog he can be.  He already has many points in his favour, not least his good temperament, affectionate nature and his willingness to learn – and he is showing himself so eager to learn.

Although it is said that MILO is not good with other dogs when meeting them in social setting, we firmly believe this may be a catch 22 situation – no social skills, best on his own, avoid meeting other dogs, no social skills – and so the cycle continues.  We therefore feel he would hugely benefit from having a role model in canine form to help him develop.  Probably a mid-age adult, who is comfortable enough in his/her own skin to be patient with a new comer, show him canine etiquette, and help him enjoy his life.  Meanwhile in his foster situation he will be given opportunities to meet other dogs outside of his home and develop his social skills that way.

MILO is a playful, affectionate and energetic boy who loves company and cuddles.  He loves a walk, loves a play with his toys, and is also content to sit at your feet and snooze while you work.   Yet MILO is still young, has not reached his full potential, and needs his humans to love him to bits but at the same time clearly and calmly show him his boundaries as he learns and matures.

MILO has shown himself in his first foster setting to be an easy dog to have around, not particularly demanding and good with young children.  He is fully crate-trained –  he happily sleeps in it at night, and can be left in it along for short periods.  It is indeed his haven, his safe place.

MILO has already learned some of the basics with reward-based training.  He can sit, lie, and wait upon command.  In his previous foster home he was learning to do short runs on a canicross belt and lead, and to trot alongside a bike.  His recall is improving too.  Given time and confidence, he will develop into a cracking little dog.

MILO would very much benefit from living with a young and active family who are prepared to work with him on his training, stretch his ability as he grows and develops, and probably with the support of another more mature dog who can show him the ropes of dogdom.

MILO is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers) on the borders with 31, Haute Garonne.  Finding the perfect forever family for him is however more important than location.

If MILO has captured your heart and you feel you could make him into the brilliant dog he is meant to be, please apply using the link on this page or, if already approved, drop us a line to express your interest on