MILO – A Bright Delight

All about MILO – A Bright Delight

CHIP NO: 250269610185113
DATE OF BIRTH; 1 January 2022
VACCINATED: Yes with passport
OK Dogs: A bit barky and nervous at first but learning quickly
OK Children: Yes
OK Cats: Not tested

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UPDATE:  Having been reserved for weeks now, we have just been informed that the erstwhile adopter is not in a position to take him.  So he is back to being available.  Life happens for folk!

MILO remarkably found himself abandoned in a refuge before he was even six months old!!  We simply cannot underestand why.  He is a handsome Sandy and White collie type.  He may have a natural no-tail as the Australian Shepherd – or it may have been illegally docked to make him look more like one.

MILO is a playful, affectionate and energetic boy who loves company and cuddles.  He can be energetic when required.  He loves a walk, loves a play with his teddies, and is also content to sit at your feet and snooze while you work.

MILO is an easy dog to have around, not particularly demanding and good with young children.  As a puppy it was clear that he had missed out on some things in his earlier learning and these have been being worked on by his foster family.  His tendency to really gently mouth when excited is being discouraged and he is learning well.  This will also reduce as he moves out of puppydom.  His socialisation with other dogs also was in need of attention and not made easy because he is the only dog in the fosterer’s home.  However he is attending training at a local dog club where he is doing well and has play dates with a neighbour’s mature dog from whom he is learning a lot in terms of doggy etiquette!

Still requiring a lot of attention would be his acceptance of cats and toleration of chickens – we would therefore only recommend this if the family concerned were already well experienced in working with this problem.  Otherwise, best avoided.

Although like most dogs MILO would prefer company he settles quickly in his crate when left alone. He is very clean in the home, fully crate trained and travels well on the back seat of the car with seatbelt attachment.

MILO has already learned some of the basics with reward-based training.  He can sit, lie, and wait upon command.  He has already learned on short runs to run on a canicross belt and lead, and to trot alongside a bike.  Recall is improving too.  Because he is a very happy learner, we would recommend more training to develop his potential.

MILO would very much benefit from living with a young and active family who are prepared to work with him on his training, stretch his ability as he grows and develops, and probably with the support of another more mature dog who can continue to help show him the ropes of dogdom.

MILO is currently in foster in Department 31 (Haute Garonne).  He will be adopted to the right approved home regardless of location.

If MILO has captured your heart, please apply using the link on this page or, if already approved, drop us a line to express your interest on