MISTOK – In foster with view to adoption

All about MISTOK – In foster with view to adoption

Chip no: 250269590163139
Age: under 2
Breed: Griffon x

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Despite knowing little but the refuge for most of his life so far, Mistok seems to be taking to life in foster like a duck to water.  Here is what his foster mum says so far:

“Another sad beginning, he was found wandering at 2 months old and picked up by the dog catchers who kept him for 2 months in the hope someone would come forward. He was extremely frightened and hated being on a lead. As, in most cases, nobody came forward so they took him to the Refuge where he has been for over a year. Didn’t even take him a day to adapt here, he gets on very well with all my dogs and the cats. He just needs some lead training, seems to be okay on the harness though. He will make someone a brilliant companion he is so loving and loves cuddles. So watch this space and Les Amis des Animaux postings who he has to thank for helping him out of the Refuge and sponsoring him.“

Update: In every way except the lead he is just wonderful.  He is now on a slow and gentle training programme to help him desensitise his fear of the lead.

Further update:  And he is going to continue that programme with his potential forever family.  We are delighted!