MUSHI – Just Kindness and Joy that is a Setter

All about MUSHI – Just Kindness and Joy that is a Setter

CHIP NO: 250269300289564
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 March 2019
BREED TYPE: English Setter
VACCINATED: Yes including rabies and passport
STERILISED: to be done
OK CATS: appeared disinterested in the pension environment
OK CHILDREN: no reason to doubt with respectful children.

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Please meet MUSHI – a handsome English Setter who is settling well into family life with his fosterer.  He has finally started to put on weight, and in so doing his wonderful setter character coming to the fore.

MUSHI is as happy as Larry playing outside for most of the day with his doggy “siblings”.  He integrated with them very very easily, never a moment’s concern and we would love for him to have some similar ‘friends’ in his forever home.  He is on a steep learning curve which he is taking completely in his stride and we feel that to an experienced home he is pretty much ready for adoption.  For a home that is less experienced, then he would benefit from a bit longer in foster.


He was taken to the refuge because he was not being well looked after.  He was painfully thin and had had no education despite his 4 years!!  Sounds impossible doesn’t it?!

This means that he would most likely have been in the refuge for a long time had we not stepped forward to help him.  So because we had no foster homes available at the time MUSHI went to a kind and gentle pension that we use.  This enabled him to gather some of the very basics which we mostly take for granted . . . . getting used to a routine, walking on lead, learning to listen and getting to know his name.

He has now progressed from there to a foster home where he is continuing  to learn and grow.  He is said to be the kindest soul and so deserving of a loving family.  He will give you joy, laughs and love in return.

If you fulfil the requirements of being a setter fan, and would like to give MUSHI the chance of his best ever life, then please complete the online form – link on this page, or if you are already known to us, drop us a line at