MYSTIQUE – Reserved!

All about MYSTIQUE – Reserved!

Chip no: 250268712811131
Date of Birth: 30/04/2018
M/F? F
Breed type: Berger
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Sterilised: not yet
Ok other dogs: Yes
Ok cats? Could chase - may be OK with "own" with correct intros

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Please meet MYSTIQUE – can we find someone to make her life a happy one?

UPDATE:  MYSTIQUE is blossoming in the pension.  The routine she now has, the regularity of exercise, and knowing her environment is safe and the people are kind is making the difference to bringing Mystique to the wonderful dog she truly is in her core – it’s visible in the eyes.

She is now absolutely ready to find her forever home.  It will be Foster with View to Adoption to begin with as she still needs to be sterilised and that is better done in a home environment than in a pension.

This girlie has not put a foot wrong since her arrival.  She’s the complete package and highly recommended as a great companion dog.  She is the model dog:  Very clean, now comfortable with having her lead attached, walks beautifully on the lead, very calm and affectionate.  Who could ask for more?

HER STORY:  MYSTIQUE was abandoned to the refuge after living in an apartment.  She was terrified and absolutely hated the refuge environment which is when we were called in to help her.  We had no foster families available at the time and so she went into the small and loving pension that we use in such cases.  There she could have some respite, start to decompress and be assessed so that we could find her the best possible home.

It is almost certain that MYSTIQUE has been hit in the past as she is worried about having her lead put on – in other words activity around her head.  Once on the lead she is just fine and loves her walks.  The issue is becoming less and less as she desensitises to the fear of hands around her head.

She is somewhat overweight – probably lack of exercise, no garden (apartment living) and someone with no time or patience to give her the exercise she needs.  This is also being worked on.

Here  is her first assessment from the pension owner who really knows his dogs!  She has not yet been cat tested, though the assessment from the refuge was that she was not good with cats – so for the moment we say a cat-free home would be best for her.

Another lovely dog. Has a very slight fear/trust issue. Will come close and be submissive, rolls over and wants a scratch. very wary of having a lead put on, or any “movement” near the head. But once a lead is on, a very easy dog to walk. Does not seem bothered or show any interest in the other dogs, no matter if they bark/ come to the fence etc. Not food driven. Is happy and content in the run, but I think given the chance would escape through an open door, not sure if she would run or wait. Has a what looks like a growl, but it is not. A very gentle dog, strong if she wanted to be.

MYSTIQUE needs that chance of a life she has never had.  This first assessment indicates that there are no major issues, so we would be happy to consider either FOSTER or FOSTER WITH VIEW TO ADOPTION.  She would be an ideal dog for anyone wishing to dip their toe into fostering and of course looks like she would also make a fabulous family pet.

If you are interested in helping MYSTIQUE, then please complete the application via the link on this page, or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

MYSTIQUE is currently in Department 64 (Pyrénées Atlantiques) but a good match for her is more important than geographic location.

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