NALA : A Most Affectionate, Gentle Girl

All about NALA : A Most Affectionate, Gentle Girl

CHIP NO: 250269100312569
BREED TYPE: Epagneul Breton
VACCINATED: to be completed
STERILISED: to be done when possible

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NALA is a beautiful Brittany Spaniel who has now completed the very very last of her maternal duties and it is time to concentrate on her and her needs.   She is currently now in foster and her personality is emerging as she can start to relax and become the dog she wants to be.  We very much doubt that she is 10 – more likely 8 or 9 at most.

It was clear that as her maternal duties were finishing and she was able to go out for walks prior to going into foster that she has had training and is a willing learner.  She is also super affectionate, very very gentle and a total joy to have around.

At the moment her undercarriage is abnormally huge and this has to have a vet view on it.  When the time is right she will also need to be sterilised – that is all in the plan.  Otherwise she is showing that she is very much used to a home, loves to be outside (has probably slept outside in the past),  and is very good with cats – something we did not really expect.
Initially she will need an enclosed secure garden.

NALA is currently now in foster in Department 64 (Pyrénées Atlantiques).