All about NAYA – ADOPTED!

CHIP NO: 250268600112512
Date of Birth: 8 March 2017
Breed type: Labrador x
Vaccinated: YES with passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK DOGS: Yes with correct integration
OK CATS: Not fully tested
OK CHILDREN: Beautiful temperament so no reason to doubt so long as kids are respectful

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NAYA is the younger of the two dogs that were abandoned by a grieving widow, unwanted and largely ignored.  While Joy,  the elder of the two, was pretty much ready to be adopted, NAYA needed more time in foster to nurture her confidence by giving her the affection she craved, showing her her boundaries and letting her reach her potential.

NAYA came into foster with an untreated shoulder wound.  It was too late for stitches and so slow healing was needed – hence the rather fetching T-shirt on one of the photos.  It is good to note that at the vet she was just stalwart and did not flinch at all.

Since Joy left for her forever home, far from being lost, NAYA has simply blossomed!!!  This is what her fosterer says about this lovely girlie now:

When Joy left, I was braced for a period of adjustment for Naya. As it turns out, this lasted about half an hour! She wandered about looking for Joy and then appeared to shrug her shoulders and get on with it. You were right when you said Naya’s confidence would grow. It’s been growing noticeably on a daily basis. Before, she would follow me from room to room but now, if she’s comfortably settled, she’ll lift her head and ponder if I was going out-out and if not she’ll just put her head back down and stay in the room. And a couple of times now, she’s actually left me in one room to go sleep in a more comfortable spot in another one! Yay! Ditto with peeing outside. She would much rather I wait at the door for her but has started to go out on her own if I leave the door open.

Outside behaviour has shown lots of progress. She walks easily on a lead, is great off-lead in that she runs and explores all around where I’m walking but never goes far and comes back when called or whistled. She’s no longer terrified of cars passing but is suitably wary of them. She’s great with people, is cautious but okay with other dogs and even cats.

We’ve had a couple of evenings at other people’s houses and Naya settled down quickly, just a bit protective/possessive of me when other dogs come near. So, all good except for one area: being left alone. I am working on this but it’s very slow. Yesterday, I left her with friends for the first time (she’d already spent an evening there with me so knew the house, the animals etc). I was away for about two hours and they said she looked for me for a bit and then settled down on her bed. I think this is good and I’ll do this regularly when I need to go out and can’t take her. But of course, the goal is that she can be left in the house alone for short periods too.

Physically she’s in brilliant shape. Her coat is glossy and not shedding anymore. She’s a great weight. All her scars are pretty much healed. And her personality is just gorgeous, she’s an absolute heart-stealer. I’m dreading the day she leaves me!

NAYA is currently fostered in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrénées) and if by chance it is your heart she captures, please write to us at  Information about our adoption process can be found here