Chip No: 250268501184499
DOB: 2 November 2016
OK CHILDREN : YES if respectful
OK DOGS : Females Yes; non-dominant males may be possible with good introduction
OK CATS : Does not understand them
SIZE : 24 kg

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Hi!  I’m “NEO THE GREAT” .. a large and handsome 4 year old Sharpei.  My foster mum has nicknamed  me Quasi and says I’m ‘beautifully ugly’!  I’m not quite sure how to take that, but as she’s always kissing me and telling me I’m ‘beau, beau, beauuuuuuu !’ I guess it must be good.  I adore kisses and head massages and I get these regularly.  I also like being brushed.

It was thanks to confinement that I got the chance to go to her from the refuge.  I was very quiet and reserved the first few days as all was new and strange to me.  Luckily my new foster mum realised this and so gave me room to find where I was and get my confidence back.   I learned to play with toys – I love running round in circles, teasing her into thinking she can catch me !  I always give it up easily as I hope it’ll be thrown again for me.  As with all dogs, I love spending time in the garden, especially sunbathing on the step.

I’m easy with my food. I like treats and take them very gently but I am not highly driven by food.  I have learned a few commands which I do sometimes obey … Sit, Come Here, Inside … err that’s about it but I do know ‘brekkyfast’,  ‘din dins’, and ‘biscuit’ !  I believe that having this sort of vocabulary is in my genes!

I love going for walks and try as I might not to, I still pull on the lead, especially if I see a dog as I find that quite exciting!  So I hold my paw up and confess that I definitely need a firm but kind hand, and more training !  I do bark when people go past the gate .. however the one person who came through the gates was the breakdown man when my foster mum’s car wouldn’t start.  I hid behind the car .. so I guess I can’t be classed as a vicious guard dog !

Because of the confinement my foster mum hasn’t been able to do the usual stuff to socialise me – take me round a market, visit the neighbours etc so it’s all a bit unknown.  I do love going in the car, although don’t expect me to be an interesting driving companion as I fall asleep within minutes !

I have however been taken out to “learn some outside manners” when I’m on the lead.  This outside world is very big and very overwhelming to me, though I have to admit, the more I go into it, the more used to it I am getting.  Although it was very exciting I managed not to show it too much other than pulling like a train on my lead . . . when I went for a walk with 5 other dogs on leads!!  That surprised even me!

I am such a good boy in the house .. I’ve never had an accident!  If I get a last mooch around the garden for  a pipi at about 9-10 pm I will go happily to bed and sleep soundly until around 8am when I do a little happy dance in the hall when my foster mum comes downstairs.

I have never tried to get food off the table or worktop, and everyone is surprised that I’ve never done any damage at all .. ooh, apart from a paintbrush left on the floor.  In my defence I thought it was a stick!  And a small sponge – which was left on the floor after a skirting-board painting session.  It happened just at a point when I was feeling confident enough to show that I was happy and wanted to play!  So I I threw it up in the air and chased it around the kitchen.  How my foster mum laughed – she was just so happy.

I keep hearing that I’m a lovely sweet natured boy but that I just need time and a bit of training. I didn’t get any of that in my previous life.  I was the bottom of the pile after the six children that I lived with – so there was no time at all for me!  That’s how I ended up in the refuge.

That’s all I can think of for my advert, if you’d like to meet me please get in touch !

NEO would love a family that has time for him, is either interested in or has experience of the breed, and can give him the sort of life he deserves, including outside training.  We are willing to offer Foster with View to Adoption to the right family in order to support his further development, because Confinement has prevented him from having this opportunity.  He is however ready for his forever home before he attaches too much to his foster Mum who is unable, because of her work, to keep him.

NEO is currently fostered in Department 31 (Haute Garonne) but will be available for adoption anywhere in France subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about NEO, have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to