Chip No: 250268743258667
Breed type: Fauve de Bretagne:
DOB: 2 July 2019
M/F? F
Vaccinated: Yes inc passport
Sterilised? Booked to be done
OK Children: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
OK Poultry/Livestock: Not yet tested

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Meet NOISETTE – just one year old and rejected for re-home on the Bon Coin!  Despite her iCAD saying she is a Briquet de Provence – this is clearly not the case.  She is a Grand Griffon Fauve de Bretagne – on of the oldest of French breeds.   Acclaimed as a hunting dog in history; and latterly recognised more as a wonderful, loving pet.

Why was she rejected by someone who appeared to be her breeder?  The reason became obvious when she was allowed to walk which the person was apparently keen not to be seen using the excuse of not used to a lead and carried her from car to car . . .  and so yet another orthopaedic/neurological case for us.  

After tests we now know that her problem is neurological.  She is under the auspices of the wonderful vets at Le Vernet (the nearest we can get to the Supervet equivalent), and she will need an operation on her spine.  We now know that her condition is potentially serious and has to start with a scan.  It will require detailed and complex surgery which is now scheduled.

During her trips out, she has travelled perfectly and with impeccable manners, even in a restaurant;  and in the home environment she has proven herself to be charming and gentle in every respect . . . . well nearly!

In her foster home Noisette’s little character is starting to appear.  It is always sad for us to see a dog whose been deprived of its puppyhood and knowing how to play.  This is where well-balanced “siblings” come into play.  Her bestie is doing his utmost to teach her what playing is about.  Little by little she is getting there.  So many other things are improving too – not least her ability to live with 4 resident cats!


Noisette is now ‘home’ after her huge and very expensive operation to remove a bone growth on her spine and take the pressure off her spinal cord. Here is what her foster mum has to say:
“Prior to Les Amis taking her under their wing I would guess she had never lived in a house. She had no concept of ‘no’ or basics such as recall. Since coming to live with us she has accepted the house, learnt recall, sit and not to chase cats. I haven’t met a dog she doesn’t get along with yet. She walks well on the lead, trotting along, and is happy to settle under the table if you want to stop for refreshments. I will post updates as they happen but we have 2 months of strict house or crate rest first and lots of physio to be getting along with”

Noisette is now in her second month of crate rest and her daily exercise is gradually increasing.  She is not yet ready for full adoption, as she has not been sterilised – but she is most definitely available for FOSTER WITH VIEW TO ADOPTION.

UPDATE:  her foster Mum does not want her to go – and so she will be staying forever in her home.

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