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Fauve de Bretagne:
1 year old
M/F? F

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Meet NOISETTE – just one year old and rejected for re-home on the Bon Coin!  Despite her iCAD saying she is a Briquet de Provence – this is clearly not the case.  She is a Grand Griffon Fauve de Bretagne – on of the oldest of French breeds.   Acclaimed as a hunting dog in history; and latterly recognised more as a wonderful, loving pet.

Why was she rejected by someone who appeared to be her breeder?  The reason became obvious when she was allowed to walk which the person was apparently keen not to be seen using the excuse of not used to a lead and carried her from car to car . . .  and so yet another orthopaedic/neurological case for us.  

After tests we now know that her problem is neurological.  She is under the auspices of the wonderful vets at Le Vernet (the nearest we can get to the Supervet equivalent), and she will need an operation on her spine.  We are waiting lab and scan results to know what happens next.

During her trips out, she has travelled perfectly and with impeccable manners, even in a restaurant;  and in the home environment she has proven herself to be charming and gentle in every respect, getting on well with dogs and paying no attention to the resident feline.