NORMAN will be chipped and vaccinated when he is 8 weeks old along with his sister, Gerty. He should be ready to go to his new home at the end of September.


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It’s very very rare that we do a profile for a puppy who is not yet even chipped and vaccinated!  Why one for NORMAN?

NORMAN and his sister, Gerty (already reserved), are nothing short of miracles.  They have survived against the highest of odds.

They were part of a litter of nine puppies who had been sent to the vet to be euthanised at just 24 hours old.

Lucky Life No 1: The person taking them pleaded for them to be kept alive, but the vet refused. 

Lucky life No 2: The friend determined to find another vet – 

Lucky Life No 3: That vet agreed and contacted Les Amis

Lucky Life No 4: the whole litter moved into a caring foster home.

Lucky Life No 5: Norman was born naturally strong – but like his siblings had not had the chance of gaining natural immunity from their Mum and gradually they all became seriously ill.  Norman too.

Lucky Life No 6:  as his siblings were sadly called to the Rainbow Bridge Norman and Gerty kept on fighting

Lucky Life No 7: Despite suffering dreadful ulcers and abscesses, he responded well to antibiotics, and he struggled through the pain and discomfort to get stronger and stronger.

Lucky Life No 8:  He has continued to grow into a handsome wee puppy – bright as a button, full of energy, and so deserving of a happy future.

LUCKY LIFE NO 9:  That hasn’t arrived yet!!  Could you be it?  HIS FOREVER FAMILY?

Isn’t he just a little wonder!  We believe he is going to be a medium sized dog – strong, bright and confident.

Currently in foster in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrénées) NORMAN will go wherever that special family resides.

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