OMER – In trial adoption!

All about OMER – In trial adoption!

Chip no: 250268600194402
Date of Birth: 19/06/2018
Breed type: German short-haired pointer
M/F? M
VACCINATED: YES including Passport

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Not yet five years old, OMER arrived at the refuge over 6 months ago, abandoned we don’t know why. He had to wait until a foster home was available to have a fatty lump reviewed. This turned out to be benign, and has now been successfully operated on. the vet also removed pieces of lead pellet from his ears, evidence of his past life.
In his foster home, OMER turned out to be a delight. Although he had no experience of being in a house (he struggled with the stairs), he is now clean in the house, he doesn’t beg unduly or steal food (though best not to leave sausages unattended!) and he doesn’t raid the bin, all common faults with German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP) and similar breeds.
OMER, like other GSPs is gentle, loyal to the family and people-oriented. He gets on well with the other foster dogs, but is very independent and would do well as an only dog. He does get very attached to his main human, so wouldn’t do well left alone for long periods.
Although he loves all bigger dogs he meets, he would not do well with cats or small furry creatures.
OMER has two main modes – either he is quite happy to stand or lie beside you, ideally with his huge head resting on your leg or foot or he is tearing around the garden on his own private ‘missions’. He is readily distracted, quick to follow another scent or chase another bird who dares to enter the garden. So a safe, secure garden where he is free to chase about is a priority.
If you love long walks, have a secure garden and looking for a people-oriented dog, then OMER might be the one for you! You can enquire about Omer on this page or drop us an email to

Omer is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers) but can travel further afield for the right foster family