Chip no: 991001003746509
Age: 3 years
M/F? M
Breed type: Siberian Husky
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Neutered: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: depends if they run.

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Please meet OREO – a Siberian Husky who will soon be looking for a permanent home.

UPDATE TO HIS STORY:  OREO has now had his first surgery – his cataract has been dealt with and an implant in place.  His second operation is scheduled for mid May when his retina will receive laser treatment.  We are therefore hopeful that some sight will be preserved.

In the vets he behaved like a perfect gent – and what’s more has endured “the cone” really well.

THE STORY:  This is the start of OREO’s journey as a LesAmis fosterling.  He began life in Qatar where he was unwanted and a totally unsuitable breed for such an extremely hot climate.  He was brought over to France by a Good Samaritan who knows the rescue world in Qatar and thought she had secured a safe home for him in France.  This turned out to be not the case at all and OREO hurriedly went into “foster” in a friend’s home back in late October/early November 2023.

As well as making lots of observations about his character and personality, she noted that he bumped into things and appeared to have vision problems.  A trip to eye specialists in Bordeaux proved that this was in fact the case – he is blind in one eye and the other has a large cataract PLUS a retina that is detaching.  If nothing is done he will be totally blind.  Les Amis were asked for help and this is where we are right now.  He is awaiting his first operation (funds are being raised) and his profile will be updated as we go through.

We do know that OREO is superb with people, OK with dogs of his own or larger size, but with a prey drive for smaller animals be they dogs, cats, or anything else.  Of course he cannot be allowed to run free as he would be – like all huskies – over the hills and far away!

He is however extremely good in the house and in the car, has been to restaurants and bars and behaved extremely well, plus he is responsive in an enclosed garden – so pretty much true to type.  He would therefore benefit from a family who knows and understands – or is keen and willing to learn – about having a dog like OREO.

For the moment he is with is first foster family and they are willing to continue with his care until we have reached a known outcome for his eyesight.  We are hoping that his operation will be soon in March 2024.

If even at this stage you would like to be considered as an applicant for OREO, you can completed the application form linked on this page, or, if you are already known to us, please write to us at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

OREO is currently in Department 16 (Charente).

You can find out more about fostering and adopting here on our website.