All about ORSON – ADOPTED!

Chip number: 250269608204174
Date of birth: 29/12/2018
M/F? M
Breed: Malinois x Groenendaal
Neutered: yes
Vaccinated: Yes with passport and including leish vaccine because of foster location.

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This boy has turned out to be AWESOME!

ORSON was abandoned for reasons so far unidentifiable.  Yes he is large; yes he is boisterous but what Belgian Shepherd, no matter what the mix, would not be at just 21 months? The only downside is a definite no-no with cats as it stands at the moment.

He is now in foster under Les Amis and we’ll see how he goes.  So far reports are “affectionate, obedient on simple commands and needs some leadwork.”

Within the limits of confinement he is getting tons of exercise which he absolutely adores.  He sleeps well and quietly – no mess, no damage.  On walks he has met and responded well to other dogs .. . . . what a star!

ORSON has proved himself to be clean in the home, patient and quiet in times of absence, undemanding of attention though loving of affection.  These are the words used to describe this lovely boy:

Happy -go-lucky, easy going, athletic, cheeky, playful, energetic and affectionate. 

He adores the car and travels well and quietly.  Walks are his most favourite thing.  Confinement has limited some of his experiences so far, but he is due to do some mountain climbing very soon.

ORSON is currently in foster in Dept 06 (Alpes Maritimes).  If you would like to know more about this intelligent and vital young dog, and have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page https://www.facebook.com/LesAmisinFrance/
  • or write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.