OXMO – a lovely family dog

All about OXMO – a lovely family dog

CHIP NO: 250268732191126
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 February 2O18
STERILISED: To be arranged

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This is OXMO.  He was found wandering, picked up, checked for chip.  He was chipped.  So far ICAD has had no response from his owner whose address was over 800 km away and so we are now in the throes of making him a LesAmis boy.

During the time he has been with us while we searched for his owner OXMO has proved himself to be just a darling dog in every respect.  Though he cried at first about being left (he is in a pension environment) he soon learned the routine and settled easily.  He is good to walk on a lead, appears to get on well with all dogs, love to be petted and cared for.  There is nothing we can fault given what we know of him so far.

He did have a nasty eye infection which turned out to be rather more dramatic than we had thought.  There was in fact no eye present.  This meant an operation to remove the whole of the ancillary parts of the eye socket that were still present and then close it up.  It is healing beautifully but the fact remains he is a one-eyed dog.  We do not know for how long he has only had sight in one eye but he is certainly well used to the fact.

Because he is in a pension situation, we are looking for a home for him that is first of all a foster home – could well be a foster with view to adoption home – so that all his bits and pieces can be seen to.

Because he has shown himself to be such an all-rounder, he is one of the rare adult dogs that would suit virtually every family but particularly suitable as a first-time dog.  He has already learned a lot of the ropes that would need to be otherwise taught.

If you feel you could offer OXMO that special opportunity, then please complete the online form on this page.  If you are already known to us, then please drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

OXMO is presently in department 64 (Pyrénées Atlantiques) but geographic location is not a limiting factor.