PABLO – in Foster with View to Adoption

All about PABLO – in Foster with View to Adoption

Chip No: 250268712853579
Date of Birth: 1 January 2019 (vet estimate)
Breed Type: Jack Russel x Australian Shepherd (according to his iCAD - unlikely correct)
Size: Weight approx 22 kg
Vaccinated: Yes with Passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Children: Older respectful children - 10 years +
OK Cats: Not tested

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PABLO is a good example of a dog that was poorly matched to his family, and now we have been approached to help him find a home to which he is ideally suited.

PABLO was taken on by a family who live most of the time in the city but with a country family home.  In the country environment he is in his element – he has space, is not needed to be in busy places where strangers can approach at any time, which frighten him, where he has plenty of space to expend his energy, and in a calm environment where he can learn – and learn well. And this is the life that Pablo needs.

PABLO is a “mixed” breed – no particular breed trait but an amalgam of many.  He was abandoned to a refuge when young and his current family were “persuaded” that this was the small (not) bitch (not ) they were looking for.  By their own volition they are unskilled in training a frightened dog and recognise that they have a dog in the wrong sort of environment  – and now are doing their best to rectify the matter.  PABLO has spent several months in a country pension where he plays every day with dogs and is in his element.  It is entirely possible that nothing has been done about his timidity which manifests in reactivity should he have to face a town situation.  This is one of the reasons we are recommending a foster period with help support and guidance as even a walk through a busy market in a small town is what many adopters ideally want from their dog.

In the home environment PABLO is a super boy.  He is clean in the home, knows some of the basic commands, knows how to play . . . though it is clear that having the opportunity to play with a canine friend would be an essential !   He is however nervous of sudden, brusque movements – a possibly indication of earlier maltreatment – and for this reason alone we would not recommend a family with boisterous, noisy children.

So that this boy gets a full chance in life, we are hoping to find him a foster home (possibly with view to adoption) where there is time, patience and calm to let him settle, trust his new humans, and then learn.  He needs a family with dog experience so that the confidence he needs comes from his humans.

PABLO is currently in pension in Department 32,  but a good family match is far more important than location.  If you think you could have fun with PABLO in your life, then please complete the online application form by clicking on the link on this page.