PABLO – The Perfect Gentleman

All about PABLO – The Perfect Gentleman

Chip No: 250269300197791
Date of Birth: 1 October 2015 (vet guesstimate)
Breed Type: Ibizan Podenco (possibly from the ears!)
Vaccinated: Yes including Passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes - with correct introduction to "own" cats
OK Children: Absolutely no reason to doubt given his gentle nature, his willingness to please and his friendliness.

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PABLO waltzed into his foster home with 6 other male dogs and settled immediately.  He is courteous and kind, reads “dog language” and knows his place.  This is all exceptionally positive for a dog who was found wandering the lanes with another dog.  They were immediately friendly but bore the signs of a not-so-happy life with clear chain marks around their necks.  Nor were they exactly spring chickens but not old either.

Closer examination showed that PABLO had an old, untreated fracture of the elbow which is now beyond orthopaedic repair.  He is receiving special treatment to aid flowing movement and it seems to be helping him a great deal.  Astonishingly also in his Xrays there was clear evidence of buckshot.

It is remarkable that this dog remains trusting and full of love and affection after the life he has had.

We are now looking for someone to give PABLO a beautiful life.  He is by no means an invalid – just look at him on the video to see that his movement is not impaired in any way.  He needs post-exercise rest – which he knows to do himself! – and he may possibly limp slightly until rested.

So we are looking for a special family for him.  A family with a moderately active lifestyle, enjoying regular but not excessively long daily walks (5-7 km max), time to relax, play in and around the garden, perhaps with another canine friend would be absolutely ideal for him.  He is reacting really well to the treatment he is receiving and where needed the Association will support the continuation of this treatment.

If you are looking for a mid-life, mid-exercise, mid-sized dog, then perhaps PABLO could bring you the love you deserve.

PABLO is currently fostered in Department 24 (Dordogne) but finding him the right forever family is more important to us than location.  Please write to if you are interested in this Perfect Gentleman.

You can find out about our Adoption Processes here .