PACO, RABANNE AND COCO – Cuteness Alert and Designer Exclusive

All about PACO, RABANNE AND COCO – Cuteness Alert and Designer Exclusive

VACCINATED: Parvo and Primo so far.

Enquire about PACO, RABANNE AND COCO – Cuteness Alert and Designer Exclusive

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Please meet RABANNE – his siblings PACO  and sister COCO are now reserved – who is still looking for his forever home.

They have now reached the ripe old age of 10 weeks, are vaccinated, chipped and ready to fly the nest to their new home where they can spend those vital next few weeks in the bosom of their family.  We are just looking for one that is RABANNE-shaped!

They came into foster with us at around 4 weeks of age having been abandoned in a box at the refuge with which we work.  It was clear from the start that they had been handled with care and were happy, outgoing puppies . . . .and so they have continued.

We asked their fosterer to write a bit about their different personalities and this is what she said:

With regard to temperament they are all so similar . . . . Sweet , mischievous, love cuddles , play together well, love the other dogs. Follow me around will do anything for food. Nothing negative to say but ready for more one to one care.

So here they are together in their gloriousness – beautiful English setter X puppies – superb colouring, lovely freckles, smooth ears.  At the moment they look like they may have a smooth coat which could be thanks to Dad, or it may come in later.



COCO (female) – RESERVED

As with all puppies they will need a family willing to give them the time, patience, bonding and training they will need to grow well through the inevitable teenage period and develop into the wonderful companions they can be.

If one of these has captured your heart and you feel will fit perfectly with your family (could be with other dogs, they are young enough to train with cats – not something they yet know, and have met horses galore), please apply by clicking on the link on this page.  If you are already known to us then please drop us a line at

These 3 Designer puppies are currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers).