Chip No: 250268501748814
BREED: ICAD "Croisé" - clearly now Bruno de Jura X
DOB: 31 May 2019
STERILISED : NO too young
OK CATS : No reason to doubt
OK POULTRY : No reason to doubt
SIZE : 16 kg at 4 months - adult weight estimated 25-30 kg.

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Hello Everyone, I am PARKER – not sure why I got that name as I am far from Nosey – some would call me a bit “reserved”; I am however daring like my name-sake in the novels – as my foster Mum will attest; but perhaps it is because I am as beautifully made as those writing implements that carry my name and are so full of prestige.  Now that feels more like me!  Well put together, elegant to look at, refined, truly gorgeous.

I am the last in a long line of Black & Tan siblings to be looking for a forever home and a family that adores me.  They have all done ever so well for themselves and are greatly loved.  Two of them are in the UK having a great time.  Potter who I grew up with lives in London, and my sister Edith even has a job!  She is a Shop Customer Welcomer.  So you may be wondering why I am left on the shelf.  Am I last because I am the ugliest? – far from it!; because I am the least kind? – not at all! I excel in those points.  However I am last because I did have some medical difficulties when I was very young which have taken an age to sort out.  As a result I have been kept below the radar until I was ready for my forever home.  NOW I AM!!!

I cannot hide the fact that I am going to be a big lad – a show-stopper.  And because I am big and gangly at the moment, it is possible to forget that I am still a baby and have a lot to learn. I have also started learning at my training classes and believe I do very well.  I hope to do more when my forever family is found.

I love travelling in the car and don’t find it a problem at all.  The vet laughs at me because I am so laid-back.  You see when you’ve been very ill you learn they are there to help you – and they undoubtedly saved my life.  I love to play with my doggy friends; I have met horses – probably a bit too close for comfort was my first encounter! I do not yet have a clue what these ‘cats’ are, but am sure I’ll like them because my sister Heidi’s best friend is a three-legged cat.  I am also very well behaved around town and last week I was introduced to waiting in a bar for my foster Mum to have a drink – well it was just an orange juice!  I liked that as I could just watch the world go by.  I wore my “Adoptez-moi” tabard too!

Here is what my Foster Mum says about me:

How to describe this beautiful boy, he has a heart of gold and doesn’t have a vicious bone in his body, gets on well with children and other dogs.
He is very clumsy a bit like a bull in a china shop , but in his mind he has the grace of a gazelle and the agility of a mountain goat. This is not the case.
Parker will be quite a big dog currently he is about 16 kilos.
Parker is doing really well in puppy classes and he was very well behaved on his outing to a cafe this morning.
Parker is a typical puppy who loves collecting your shoes and having lots of cuddles.
Parker is a beautiful boy both inside and out.

PARKER is currently fostered in the Department 31 (Haute Garonne) but is available for adoption anywhere in France or beyond, subject to a very successful home check.  If you would like to know more you can:

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