PASTO : What a delightful lad!

All about PASTO : What a delightful lad!

CHIP NO: 250269100312528
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 October 2020
BREED TYPE: "Chien Courant"
VACCINATED: YES, including Rabies and passport
OK CATS: Appears to be so
OK LIVESTOCK: shows no reaction
OK CHILDREN: Not directly tested but no reason to doubt with respectful kids

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Please meet PASTO – a handsome delight who is looking for a good match!

So what’s getting in PASTO’s way of being adopted?  Put simply his strength!!  There’s not a jot of anything else wrong with him.  If you are a Canicross fan, or just enjoy running, this boy is eager to be your partner!

PASTO has come so very far since he first left the refuge a few months ago knowing nothing.  It was clear from the start that he was bright and eager to learn.  

Now he ticks the boxes for a home-living dog: 

  • clean in the home;
  • no aggressions of any sort,
  • loves the car and a good traveller,
  • neat eater,
  • enough food orientated for it to be useful as a training aid,
  • has some basic commands,
  • gets on with and loves to play with other dogs
  • appears to be good under supervision around poultry and livestock.

It is just his strength on lead when he decides there’s something interesting for him that can take one by surprise.  So we took a bit of a punt to see what he’d be like as a companion to a sporty person, a runner.  This is what she has to say:

He actually jogs beautifully on the lead, it’s easier to handle him with picking up the pace a little. He would make a great addition to an active household, a Canicross enthusiast or simply someone who likes to run or walk a lot. He definitely needs to explore and get outside.

So what would PASTO’s ideal family look like?  The main, and perhaps only key criteria are that his human is a strong, active and sporty person but who also has the time, skill and patience (with support and guidance if needed) to work on his pulling.  Exercising him when running or jogging would clearly help, plus time in a non-distraction environment to learn more rudiments of leadwork so that exercising outside of the home gets easier.  PASTO has never ever had a human to himself for an extended period of time.  He would happily share his life with several humans, but there has to be just one who is going to be his person and create what he needs. 

After that he would adapt – an only dog or with a playmate or two, a single person or family, country or urban setting (though garden a must) – all of that would be secondary if he had that one sporty, active person to be his companion.  

If you fit the bill and would like to have a running or jogging companion, please click the link on here to apply  – or if you are already known to us, drop us a line to and we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

PASTO is currently in Department 65.  He needs to find his human wherever they are!

You can read more about fostering and/or adopting with Les Amis here on our website.