PASTO : What a delightful lad!

All about PASTO : What a delightful lad!

CHIP NO: 250269100312528
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 October 2020
BREED TYPE: "Chien Courant"
VACCINATED: YES, including Rabies and passport
OK CATS: Appears to be so
OK CHIDREN: Not directly tested but no reason to doubt with respectful kids

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UPDATE:  PASTO has moved into his foster home with Gwenny (see Gallery)!  He is quite a remarkable young chap with the temperament of a saint!!!!

Perhaps in a house for the first time in his life, he is naturally clean.  He knew nothing at all, other than the lead when he arrived and in a few short days he is picking up the daily routine and learning a few basic commands.  It’s made easy because he’s such a gentle dog. This does not mean that he’s a weakling – he’s a strong lad – but there’s an in-built desire to please.  And that is worth its weight in gold!

For the first few days of being with another dog things have gone really well for him.  He’s a good traveller in a car, responsive on the lead, and clearly knows how to play with other dogs.  Not quite got to tug of war yet, but heading in that direction.


PASTO – not yet 3 years old – had been in a refuge for over a year with zero, absolutely zero interest in him.  How could a dog like PASTO get so overlooked?  Finding such a gem of a temperament is not easy.

We took PASTO out to give him a chance firstly in a pension environment, and he has proven himself to have the most gorgeous of temperaments.  Now some six weeks on he  desperately needs the chance to live in a home environment where he can continue to learn and develop.  His time in the pension has shown him to be well worthy of a chance.  He’s still a bit rough around the edges (walking, arousal and interest in wildlife, and learning some more basic commands which are applicable to a home environment and better taught there) but perfectly ready to go to someone who is prepared to meet him where he’s at and continuing working with him.  He was cat tested at the refuge and showed no real interest in them at all.

This boy could be perfectly adaptable to town/city living provided he had a good exercise routine, an enclosed garden to be able to have a run, and would certainly benefit from having another canine companion.

We are now giving PASTO some space in a foster home to grow and develop even more than he has already.  However if you are drawn to adopting PASTO, please do not hesitate to apply by clicking on the link on this page, or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line to

PASTO is now in foster in Dept 24 (Dordogne).