PATRICK – Adopted!

All about PATRICK – Adopted!

Chip no: 250268781088839
Breed type: Berger Groenendael X
Date of Birth: 15 December 2012
M/F? M
Vaccinated: Yes including passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: not tested
OK Children: No reason to doubt

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Please meet PATRICK – an old chap who has come through recent hard times, is as fit as a fiddle for his age and would desperately love to have his forever home.

PATRICK’S HISTORY:  He was a farmer’s dog, living the life of a farm dog here in rural France.  Then disaster hit and his master died, leaving him bereft and alone.  The guy’s sister – already well into her senior years herself – tried her best but he just wanted to get back to the farm waiting for his master to return . . . and the farm was being sold.

He was very confusingly originally called “Patou” which of course is the local word for a Pyrenean Mountain Dog and yet he is very far from that – nor does he have very big feet if the word if taken literally!  So a name change to PATRICK was made and he seems to like it!

He was brought into temporary “stepping stone” foster to see how he went firstly with the opportunity to live outside as we believed that is what he had been used to . . . and then inside.  We needn’t have worried!  He has adapted utterly beautifully and lives happily alongside two other dogs.  His cat test indicated that with good introduction he would be fine.  So he is totally ready to find his forever home with a family who is happy to welcome in an older but sprightly chap.

Here’s what his fosterer has to say about him:

PATRICK doesn’t show aggression to other dogs, and is very clean in the house. I am told that he was with his owner inside the house during the day but would be put out at night so that is his custom. I am in the process of getting him used to sleeping in the house at night.

PATRICK has an extremely sweet nature. He loves meeting new people. He even throws himself at the vet for more cuddles! He doesn’t complain and stoically puts up with being injected or treated for anything at all. He has already learned to walk beautifully on a lead. He sits on command and is getting much better at ‘stay’.

Apart from being rather long in the tooth (we think he’s about 11), he’s in excellent health. He has a beautiful, no-drop, glossy black coat, weighs 24kg and is just the nicest dog. He was sterilised on the 9th January and so is good to go.

PATRICK would love to be welcomed into a home that has a fondness for the oldies!  As with so many seniors he is undemanding and wants nothing more than to have his special human and to be loved.  He can be adopted (no fee) or join the ranks of the LesAmis Lifetime Fosterlings.

If you want to be PATRICK’s special family please complete the online application form, link on this page, or if you are already known to us, just write to us at

PATRICK is currently in foster in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrenées) but the right family is more important than location.