CHIP NO: 250268501692025
DATE OF BIRTH: 6 June 2019
BREED TYPE: according to iCAD - Petit Bleu de Gascogne but see text.
STERILISED: underway
OK LIVESTOCK: Ignore on walks
OK CATS: Untested

Enquire about PATXI: ADOPTED!

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UPDATE:  PATXI has now moved into foster.  He has not put a foot wrong – just a total charmer.

When PATXI and PACO (possibly brothers?) came into our care they knew absolutely nothing and were terrified of people.  This despite their estimated age of 3 years old.   Having been found wandering, no-one knowing them, we had no information to go on.  Because at the time we were desperately short of fosterers, we had to put them into a pension situation.  As it turned out it was a perfect move for them and they have developed beyond imagination.

Both are extremely handsome boys – and PATXI is possibly the more energetic of the two.  They are extremely good tempered with humans and even at the height of their fears, there was never an ounce of aggression from either of them.

They have learned so much in the time they have been with us – especially not being so frightened of humans that they would do pretty much anything to get away.  Now they are delighted to have a cuddle, love to take a treat, they know the lead and respond well to lead walking.  The video shows him learning about the harness.  It also gives an idea of size, and his eagerness to get out for that walk!

They are described on their iCAD as Petit Bleu de Gascogne – but it is clear from their ears alone that that this does not really match.  Their behaviour, development and looks would lead us to think more in terms of a Braque Français possibly with something else thrown into the mix.

Now it is time for them to go their separate ways and learn to live in family.  They have got used to a host of new things, sights and sounds,  so while a household will be a whole new raft of noises they have shown that they adapt well and relatively quickly.  They have huge potential  as family dogs and will respond even better, we believe, when separated.  This will help prepare them for their new life in a forever home.

So we are looking for a foster home for PATXY – could be a foster with view to adoption home – where he can continue his learning  and familisarisation to live comfortably in family and enjoy a full life with their humans.  If you can help please complete the online application form – link on this page, or if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

They are currently in Dept 64 (Pyrénées Atlantiques) but finding the home that can help each of them blossom is paramount regardless of location.