Chip No: 250268501748808
BREED: X Labrador
DOB: 01 January 2015
STERILISED : NO, remains to be done
OK CHILDREN : YES – see profile
OK CATS : YES – see profile
SIZE : 17 kg

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Most rescues have had trauma in some form or other – that is why they are in rescue and being prepared for a new home. PERDITA is a case of physical trauma in the extreme. She was knocked down and left for dead on the side of the road. Found by a good Samaritan and taken to a vet . . . who did no treatment but kept her safe. It was only after she had suffered several days of pain, that we were alerted to her situation and immediately took over her case and took her to our own vet.

It was soon discovered that PERDITA had a badly fractured femur, broken in the worst place possible. She was made more comfortable in a temporary splint until we could get her to an orthopaedic specialist. A long operation and her femur was back together held by a metal plate. All went well in her recovery except the restructuring of the bone had affected her patella . . . a further operation ensued.

Thus this girlie has stoically endured 3 months of cage rest with just limited exercise. X-rays show that she has healed well and will be able to enjoy life as a normal, active dog.

As her physical ability improved so her socialization began and it soon became clear that she had also suffered abuse at the hands of humans. So the profile that follows about this brave, courageous girl should be read within the context of her starting point and the huge strides she has made over a very limited period.

PERDITA is a sweet-tempered, neat and compact lady – quite delicate in looks but clearly quite a survivor. As she has been able to socialize more her confidence has grown rapidly, particularly in the last few weeks. She is much more trusting when greeting people, although can at times still be a little wary. This can only continue to improve the more kind socialization she experiences.

She will still flinch at loud noises or sudden movements which make her cower. She is improving and when reassured she quickly regains her confidence.  However, it will take some time for her to have full trust that such things do not mean she is going to get hurt. This is the one and only reason we are recommending fine with older children. She has been calm and well-behaved with visiting grand-children in the home.

PERDITA knew nothing of home and family living. Over her time in foster she has shown herself to be intelligent and quick to learn. She now has a good vocabulary of commands. She is a quiet, undemanding soul who is glad to accept life as it is. Despite her having “lab” attached to her breed type, she is not at all greedy, and not bothered by ducks or chickens walking around her. She has even got used to wild rabbits which at first she would have adored to chase. Now she is so used to seeing them that they do not interest her. This is why we believe that with the right introductions she would be perfectly fine adapting to a household with cats.

While there has been a problem between the foster home’s partially  blind and deaf elderly bitch and her getting along, she has shown herself to be very happy in other dogs’ company both in the home environment and outside. So she could easily be an only family dog or cohabit with other easy-going dogs that she could play with.

She is a great little traveller, perfectly clean in the house and can be left alone without any destruction. The real bonus – possibly joy of joys for some people – she is not an early riser and much prefers sleeping in!

PERDITA would appreciate a loving home where she could settle and play, and get used to new adventures with her family. Until she can be sterilised, she is available in Foster with View to Adoption.

PERDITA is currently fostered in Department 24 (DORDOGNE) but is available for adoption anywhere in France or even farther afield subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about PERDITA, have the opportunity to meet her either virtually or in reality, you can:

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  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
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