PETAL – she’s surprised us all! RESERVED!

All about PETAL – she’s surprised us all! RESERVED!

CHIP NO: 250269300251996
DATE OF BIRTH: 10 January 2020
VACCINATED: Yes with Passport
STERILISED: To be done
OTHER ANIMALS: Not yet tested

Enquire about PETAL – she’s surprised us all! RESERVED!

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Imagine going into a kennel in a refuge . . . there are two dogs in the bed . . . . one looks at you with ears drawn back and wide-eyed . . . . the other does not move a muscle.  You check carefully to make sure there is movement when breathing . . . there is but the head is tucked way way down between the back of the bed and the back of the other dog.  This was the case when we met PETAL and her wide-eyed daughter LEA.  Both of them very young, both of them very scared, both of them deserving of having a chance.

We were all set for a very long decompression process for PETAL.  Somewhere quiet, food and water only taken in the dead of night when no-one was there.  This lasted a couple of days.  Then the head started to come up when movement was heard.  Then she ventured out a little way to see what was happening . . . .and finally in less than two weeks . . . . she’s turned into a bright-eyed, normal wee lassie.  She loves to play with her canine companion in the family, and loves to run and chase, and she loves to cuddle!

Just an amazing turnaround – so fast – that it has become clear that at some point in her life PETAL has been dearly loved – that memory returned very quickly.  There has been a period of fear and not knowing but that is rapidly being overcome.  There are flashes when something different happens and the tail goes down, but day by day this is getting less.

PETAL is not yet quite ready for adoption.  She needs a little more experience of the world and she needs to be sterilised which is planned for soon.  There’s no doubt that she will make a cracking little pal.

PETAL is currently in foster in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrenées).