Chip No: 250268732695300
BREED: Porcelaine
DOB: 26 August 2019 (vet estimate)
VACCINATED : YES (primo only at the moment)
STERILISED : NO - too young, but it will be a requirement of the contract.
OK CATS : Not yet met
OK POULTRY : Not yet met
OK LIVESTOCK : Not yet met
SIZE : Currently right weight for age/breed

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PHOEBE is one of those beautiful French breeds relatively rarely seen – she is a Porcelaine, believed to be the oldest of the different breeds in the scent hound category, like the beagle and the many griffons.  As her breed name suggests, she is fine, elegant, with beautiful lines, mainly white and cream/light caramel in colour . . . and she is a wee puppy at the moment!  Her adult size will likely be around 25/26 kg, tall but not stout.

Remarkably she was found at a very young age, on the side of a road, with no sign of other siblings.  She was in a poor state and within a few days developed parvo.  But this lovely girlie is a survivor and against all the odds she pulled through thanks to the vigilance of her fosterer who acted quickly and excellent vet care.  Now she is in the peak of health and her personality is also starting to emerge.

PHOEBE is quite a cuddle-bunny and knows full well she can command an audience!

She is getting on well with her toilet-training, has started lead work within the confines of her home at the moment, and is learning a few basics.  PHOEBE is now totally familiar with a home environment, its sounds, its activities, plus those of the resident dogs whom she loves.

PHOEBE is currently fostered in Department 32 (GERS) but is available for adoption anywhere in France or even farther afield subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about PHOEBE, have the opportunity to meet her either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to