PIPPIN – What a Poppet!

All about PIPPIN – What a Poppet!

Chip no: 250268780725162
Date of birth: 28/03/23
M/F? M
Breed type: Pointer Anglais
Vaccinated? Yes with Passport
Neutered? YES
Ok other dogs? YES
OK Cats: Unknown to him

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Please meet PIPPIN, a handsome one-year-old braque X.

I had the pleasure of recently meeting Pippin for the first time since he was a tiny puppy going into foster and we were at that time unaware of his oesaophagus.  My goodness what a pleasant surprise to meet this young man!  He came to visit and immediately integrated with the four dogs at home – two of my own and two visiting – 2 males (one entire), 2 females.  There was not a moment’s issue and they were all milling around our kitchen as well as playing in the garden.  This boy was a total delight and straight back in from the garden on recall.  I was well impressed!  Please don’t overlook him because of his “problem” – it truly is not one as far as he is concerned and basic simple rules are adhered to.

His head does not have the “dish” of the English Pointer – from the side view he was more Vizsla type but whatever very clearly a braque – bright, delightful, energetic, couch and comfort loving!

For those of you following LesAmis his name may be familiar.  He was the only one in his litter born with a deformed oesophagus which was operated on when he was just a few months old.  It has been partially successful – he’s still alive!  And disregarding his need for a special diet and feeding regime, he’s a perfectly normal, lively young dog now into his teenagedom.

PIPPIN has been in foster all these months and this status is likely to remain . . . BUT we would love for him to be in a permanent home where he can get truly settled, focus on his training and mature into the beautiful natured dog he already is by temperament.

PIPPIN would really benefit from having a role model canine companion – one that is willing to play (chase and tug of war are his favourites), show him the ropes, and tell him when enough is enough!    Next on his wish list is a human or humans who do like a snuggle in the evening which is when the snuggly side of him comes out.  This human should also be interested in continuing his training and understand his bird dog desire to run the hedges when out walking.  He is ripe for learning – this is what his current fosterer says on the subject:

Good with recall (whistle, clicker or name) except when he is under a tree focussing on birds! He has good eye contact, learns quickly so (he has just started learning some new focus games).  He already sits, shakes hands and waits in the same place for his food. You throw a ball and he brings it back to you and is happy to bring his toys to you for a game.

There are still areas to be worked on as he missed out quite a lot in his earlier life when he was a sickly puppy:

  • He is such a bright button, and has a tendency to alert his humans to the dangers that lurk outside (like other dogs barking, people walking by.)  This is already being curbed really well.
  • Lead work could do with more attention but not a major issue.

He sleeps well at night time in his crate  and has no problem taking himself into the crate during the day if he has to be left for any reason.  PIPPIN has caused no destruction other than wear and tear with his own toys.

His temperament is second to none – his “smile” is not to be confused with aggression!  Thus whilst he has not met babies and children we have no worries on his temperament.  He could however be a bit unintentionally rough with his joie de vivre!

DIET AND FEEDING REGIME:  PIPPIN must have sloppy food 3 times a day. No meat or croquettes as he eats them too quickly and does not chew. He will eat carrots and small biscuits as a treat (he crunches them up). His bowl must be raised.

PIPPIN would suit anyone who loves the outdoors life combined with the comfort of a sofa!  He would benefit from having a family that is already “bird dog” familiar and that loves the sheer joy inherent in such a dog.

PIPPIN will make a lovely companion, you can’t help but love him, he has got the sweetest temperament.

PIPPIN is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers).  We are searching for a permanent home for him – probably long-term foster but that will depend on the family concerned.  We would obviously retain responsibility for anything related to his existing condition.

If this is your type of guy and you can accept that he ain’t “perfect” physically, then please get in touch by completing the online application form linked on this page, or if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.