CHIP NO: 250269101123976
BREED TYPE: Labrador X
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 March 2023
VACCINATED: Yes with passport
WEIGHT: 29 kg
OK CATS: not known
OK CHILDREN: No reason to doubt with respectful children

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Please meet PITCH – a totally adorable dog who has not had the best of starts, but with the most forgiving of natures.

This is the first chapter in his story – the first week  of his new life!  Written in his voice it captures perfectly who this big softie really is!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Pitch and wow what an exciting week I have had and all thanks to Les Amis des Animaux! It all started when a lovely lady collected me from the refuge and took me to stay in a holiday home for doggies. There I made some new doggie pals who were on holiday and a lovely hooman who spent lots of time with me and he took me for walks and gave lots of treats. Then on Wednesday my new foster family invited me to stay at their house. Well I couldn’t say no and I got to ride in their car.  I fell asleep on the lap of one of the hoomans whilst they stroked my head. When we got to their house my new foster sisters showed me all round the garden and shared their toys with me. I was a bit wary of going in the house, but I soon got over that and I have even mastered stairs. I get to play in the garden and supervise the hoomans, I especially enjoy it when they are gardening or cooking. I am getting lots of love and as I am a big softie I love the attention. We go for walks all the time, it’s great. They say I am a very good boy and I am learning lots of new commands and I get treats for just doing what they ask. I will keep you updated on my progress, got to go now it is time for a walk.

Since that first report lots more has happened and he’s been doing great.

He is very human-orientated, responsive to voice – so much so that he has been walking off-lead in safe areas, staying close by without the slightest inclination to run off or away!  He’s a dog who knows which side his bread is buttered!

PITCH has been out and about with his family – good in cars, gently meeting new folk, handling a nippy dog with no reaction, waiting peacefully in a quiet restaurant, and being a true gardening help . . . . well more supervisor really!

Recently sterilised (he behaved impeccably at the vets), he is now getting towards being adopt-ready.  He has overcome his fear of the hand around his head – is happy to be on the lead for a walk, is learning lots and lots in terms of living in a home with humans and just generally showing what a thoroughly good-hearted dog he is.

Whilst we think it is unlikely that he is this rare breed, his fosterer has researched and come up with Chinook – his temperament, size, demeanour – all fit.  Perhaps the founder of this breed happened on this very same mix!  Whatever it is, it’s a super one.

PITCH is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers) but will be approved to go to the very best family match we can find for him.

If PITCH is your sort of dog, please click on the link on this page to apply or, if you are already known to us, simply drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.