PUCE & MAILLOL: A really easy-going pair

All about PUCE & MAILLOL: A really easy-going pair

Chip No: 250269606022356
Date of Birth: 17 January 2011
Breed Type: Wire Fox Terrier

Chip No: 250269606017878
Date of Birth: 22 April, 2013
Breed Type: Wire Fox Terrier

Both are fully vaccinated including passports, and sterilised.

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UPDATE:  Both have had their vet “controle technique” now and both need some health attention.  They have a new fosterer and their health needs will be taken care of first of all.  Two weeks down the line, we can report that both are responding well to medication to manage their conditions.  For this reason they will be available as lifetime fosterlings under the wing of LesAmis. .

PUCE & MAILLOL are looking for a new home – ideally together – as sadly they have just lost their human parents – one has passed away and the other has had to return to the UK due to ill-health.  PUCE is female; MAILLOL is male.

Even early days in foster they are proving to be both happy in each other’s company but not so much so that having them separated is an impossibility, though ideally we’d love for them to stay together.  Despite their upheavals, they are pretty  easy-going, reliable, comfort-loving.  We are therefore hoping that we shall be able to place them together in a future forever home.

They have fitted in perfectly with the resident pack and are growing in confidence daily as they get used to their new surroundings . . . indeed they have not hesitated to make themselves at home on the permitted sofas!  Having a routined has been crucial to them in getting them to

If you would love to have a ready-made family of two clean, calm and mature dogs, please complete the online application form on this page.  The dogs are currently in foster in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrénées) but we are looking for the right welcoming home for them regardless of location.