All about POPPY – now RESERVED!

Chip no.: 953010003582051 (UK chip)
Breed: American Bulldog X
Weight: 32.5 Kg
DOB: 31 July 2019
Sterilised: Not yet
Vaccinated: Yes, including Rabies with French Passport
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
OK Children: Yes

Enquire about POPPY – now RESERVED!

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POPPY is an affectionate and playful girl whose owners have had to make the difficult decision to rehome her due to family illness and a change in circumstances.  LesAmis are working to help POPPY find that perfect new home.  According to her owners

Poppy is the friendliest pup, who wants to get to know everyone and everything. She is quick to learn but can sometimes be a bit wilful.  However she responds to ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘lie down’ and ‘give me a paw’! Poppy loves going on walks, sniffing everything along the way, and has a tail that doesn’t stop wagging. However, she is just as comfortable laid out on the sofa with her head on your lap. She loves affection and is not shy about giving your hand a nudge when she wants your attention. She is fine to be left on her own for a few hours and will patiently wait for you to return!

We have left Poppy with pet-sitters on a couple of occasions, and she has fitted right in with their other pets, loving the companionship of other dogs as they run around together.

Unfortunately, due to injury (a broken back) making walks impossible, and having recently moved into accommodation without adequate fencing, we cannot give Poppy to exercise she needs and deserves, nor can we let her run free in the garden. Poppy really needs to be in a loving, active home, ideally with another dog for companionship. As hard as it is to give her up, it’s harder still to be unable to give her the life she should have.

POPPY would benefit from an active home with people who would be keen to continue her training to keep her body and her mind active.  She is comfortable walking on the lead although can pull when she sees other dogs. She is also very comfortable travelling in cars, having travelled back and forth between France and the UK on several occasions. She prefers the backseat – close to her humans – with a slightly open window to put her nose out of!

POPPY is still in her current home and her owners will be involved in helping us find the right home for this beautiful girl.  If you love her looks, and have the sort of lifestyle that would suit her, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page https://www.facebook.com/LesAmisinFrance/
  • or write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

POPPY is currently resident in Dept 64 (Pyrénées Atlantiques) but finding the right home is far more important than location.