POUYETTE & PEPSI – an inseparable pair

All about POUYETTE & PEPSI – an inseparable pair

Chip Nos: POUYETTE - 250 268 730 044 558; PEPSI - 250 268 743 163 879
DOB: POUYETTE - 20 February 2012; PEPSI - 13 November 2019
BREED: Bichon maltais
Vaccinated: underway
Sterilised: Planned January 2022

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This lovely pair (mother and son we believe) were rescued for reasons of serious neglect.  We were approached by the enquêteur in charge to see if we could help them and offer them a much better life.

POUYETTE and PEPSI have been in foster for just a little while and there is no doubt in their foster carers’ minds that they need to stay together.  It is entirely possible that PEPSI could be perfectly fine on his own – he is bouncy and confident.  However POUYETTE is completely dependent on him  – hides behind him and follows what he does.  And so contrary to our normal policy we are looking for a home prepared to take both of them.  However their fosterer says: ” . . . honestly they’re such laid-back, sweet dogs that it doesn’t feel like having two dogs “!

As they get more and more familiar with the wider world they are learning that running and playing can be fun;  that walking more than the distance it takes to do their needs is even possible.  Such was their previous life. Now as you can see in the photos, they are happy to go for woodland walks and have a good run.

Both are loving and affectionate; delight in their home comforts.  Their lack of experience at the moment is making them reactive to other dogs and of course, one is a song, two is a chorus!  So this is being worked on as it’s fear yapping and with help that will change over time.

Although not quite ready for a new home – their sterilisations will be in January – if you are drawn to this lovely pair, please contact us on info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

POUYETTE AND PEPSI are currently fostered in Toulouse in an apartment situation, so would be suitable for such a family so long as it was combined with a good exercise regime.