PRINCE – Young and full of goodwill

All about PRINCE – Young and full of goodwill

Chip No: 250269590142936
Breed Type: Beauceron
Date of Birth: 1 June 2019 (vet estimate)
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes - as always with appropriate introductions
OK Cats: Needs working on - just tendency to chase
OK Children: Not tested in home environment. OK visiting kids.

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PRINCE is a full and handsome Beauceron – or Berger de Beauce – one of the classic dogs of France.  This Wikipedia description of the breed absolutely typifies this young man:

This athletic, healthy and long-lived breed has been bred to be intelligent, calm, gentle, and fearless.   . . . They are eager learners and can be trained to a high level. However, their physical and mental development is slow relative to other similar breeds (e.g. German and other large shepherds): they are not mentally or physically mature until the age of about three years, so their training should not be rushed.

PRINCE is currently in a friendly, spacious pension where access to the large exercise and play area has shown him to be an eager pleaser – playing ball, good recall, etc.

His eagerness to learn, his desire to love and be loved, and his wish to be loyal to those who show him affection and respect is ever-present.  In fact he is a very easy dog with people generally.  His foster Mum adds:

He is deeply kind with everyone, even people he meets for the first time. That is very positive for such a big dog I think. And he is perfect on the lead though he still needs to learn to be quiet before we go walking to let me put the lead on.  But he is young and full of goodwill.  Even in the kennels he has come on so well.  He also loves his food (525g a day!).  He is kind, playful and clean.

It is recommended that PRINCE be an only dog in a home environment.  He has not yet learned to share and simply wants to try and dominate any other dog so that he gets the favours.  However he is fine with other dogs off his own territory – he is neither reactive nor out of control when out walking in areas with other dogs present.  He is also very happy walking alongside another dog or dogs.

At just a little over two years old, he is not yet fully mature and is currently enjoying his learning and training which should be continued.  As with any dog whose primary breed trait is for working, PRINCE will benefit from a family who want to pursue activities that can be done in combination with him – whether they be specifically designed for canines or for humans.  The great outdoors is their natural environment . . . though PRINCE will not say no to a comfy couch as well!

PRINCE is currently in foster in Dept 31 (Haute Garonne) and will be available for adoption to a suitable approved home regardless of location.  He is ready for a breed aficionado offering a permanent home.  So if you are caught by his charm, please write to  All mails are answered promptly.