PRINCESSE – Her cry was answered – now RESERVED!

All about PRINCESSE – Her cry was answered – now RESERVED!

Chip no: 250268743862038
Breed: Jack Russell mix
DOB: 01/01/2021
Weight: currently 5kgs

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We may know more of this pup’s brief history soon, for the moment we are focussing on finding her a foster family to see her through a period of recuperation from major leg surgery.
Here is what her temporary foster family say about her “ We rescued this little beauty, Princesse, from a bad situation after she broke her own leg trying to get out of her leash after getting tangled. She was always tied up outside and never even saw grass until she came to our garden. 😞

She’s about 5 months old, a Jack Russell mix – and pure joyous energy and love. Les Amis reached out a hand to support us and took care of getting her specialist surgery so she will hopefully be as good as new soon.

She’s a little reproachful about the double collar/cone situation but I’ve never seen a puppy so adept at twisting herself into a pretzel in order to get at a bandage 🤦‍♀️ 🤣

She is curious, hilarious and obviously very intelligent (she learned to sit in one session and is pretty much housetrained after 3 days!). Her character is very clear- she’s got no fear (not timid AT ALL) and is full of joyful energy and intelligent curiosity. She’s calm and patient when she needs to be ie she sleeps all night without a peep in her crate and will seek the crate out for naps with no issue. She will entertain herself given some toys. And if you sit down she comes and curls up in your lap for cuddles like a cat. She’s lovely. I have not found any fault with her character other than her blatant refusal to acknowledge that she’s just had serious surgery and should rest! Yesterday she met one of our dogs. It was adorable she just wanted to kiss her and play. We are trying to socialise her gently because she didn’t have contact with any other dogs in her former life.
She will be an amzing addition to someone’s family once she is all healed up 💕💕”

More news on Princesse soon but if you would like more information on fostering or adoption do please enquire here or email