These puppies are not yet chipped or vaccinated - that will be done on 14 November. They are available for RESERVATION.


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These five puppies have a magical Mum. . . . A Mum who was lost, wandering, abandoned . . . and pregnant.  Decided upon a kind family who took her in . . . she did not tell them about her state . . . until it became very obvious and they could not turn her away .  She now has a permanent home, of course.

And so she produced her beautiful litter of puppies who have had the best of care and lives so far.  Les Amis only came in to help when they were just weaned and their foster mum was looking for the best way to find them good homes.  So here we are and let us introduce these cracking little puppies.  Yes, they are likely hounds, or hound crosses (possibly Anglo-Français Tricolour) – but please do not let that put you off.  They have been home bred, home reared. These breeds are renown for superb temperaments, for enjoying their creature comforts, for being just as capable of training and learning as other breeds.  They may not be the best for agility, say, but they will guarantee to keep your sofa warm, enjoy long walks and snuggle up as much as you like.

You will find 3 unusual and interesting names: Splodge, Hook and Bolt.  These are given because of their wonderful coat markings!

This is how their fosterer describes their different little characters.

Here is the only girlie: PRINCESS:  A mini replica of her mum in both markings and personality. She is a real communicator with humans and animals alike, always wanting to be a part of the bustle. Definitely likes the finer things in life, like a blanket in front of a warm fireplace, but loves a good rough and tumble game with her brothers, where she shows them what she’s made of.

PRINCE:   just works his name! Walks with a swagger, loves to play and be part of the bustle, but loves his mum, sister and cuddles more. Becomes putty in your hands with a cuddle. Definitely watches his figure during meal times. Like his sister, loves to talk and I’m sure is the proverbial peanut gallery of the litter.

SPLODGE:   simply a gentle giant. He’s the biggest and clearly the leader of the pack, but he has such a presence about him. No need to display he’s the leader, he just is! Plays very gently, has good eating manners, is so brave. And when he gets love and cuddles, he is so still, just lapping it up!

HOOK:  named because of his beautiful marking across his back, like a pirate’s hook He is so playful and gentle, always looking for a game. Loves my other dogs too and tries to have lengthy conversations with them all the time. Not a fan of the cold for sure, so always looking for a warm cuddle.

BOLT:   loves human contact the most, loves to be cuddled. He loves his bed too, especially right after a nice meal. He’s the first to head off and find a warm comfy spot to rest. Happy to play on his own and explore, in fact he seldom follows the pack. A really independent little guy so will be perfectly OK as an only dog..