QUEEN – A Beauty Inside and Out

All about QUEEN – A Beauty Inside and Out

Chip no: 250269101128388
Date of birth: 01/01/2018
M/F? F
Breed type: Bruno de Jura
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Sterilised: YES
OK Children? Yes
OK other dogs? Yes
OK cats? Curious - would probably get used to "her" cat; may chase one that runs.

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It’s time to meet the real QUEENIE – a well-named regal beauty, a balanced and loving Bruno de Jura.

QUEENIE has thrived in foster and learned so much.  She’s a really good traveller, having got used to sharing her time between city and country life.  It was confusing to her at first but she has learned a great deal.  In addition she has been through one large intervention to repair an internal hernia and then her sterilisation.  Stoical, accepting, tolerant – she has come through these inconveniences with flying colours.

This is what her fosterer says about her :

Hello, please meet gorgeous Queenie, a Bruno de Jura who is around 6 years old and has been in foster care with us for the last three months . . .
Impossible to find a more sweet natured dog who has taken all new experiences in her stride and her beautiful character is shining through. Calm and gentle, loves lots of cuddles and will then curl up and fall asleep near us.
She loves the city and country life in equal measures but adores nothing more than running around in the garden. Walks on a lead, doesn’t pull, and watches for people to pat and tell her how pretty she is if her nose isn’t stuck to the ground sniffing out something interesting.
Loves other dogs, doesn’t take much notice of horses, has a tendency to bark at cats and will run after chickens (she is a hound after all!
A more gentle soul you couldn’t wish to meet.

QUEEN is in foster in Department 31 (Haute Garonne) and perhaps surprisingly for a dog of this breed, she lives well in city life – even in an apartment but of course with lots of exercise opportunities.  She also loves her trips to her rural home at the weekends.  What an adaptable dog she has proven to be!   And she is now ready for adoption.

We would love to find her a family that is used to hounds of this sort, who appreciates their beautiful qualities, not least of which is their fantastic temperament.  She is not a demanding dog – she loves her bed, loves her cuddles, loves her walks and loves her food.

If you are a “longues oreilles” fan, please click on the link to apply online, or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

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