RAFA : Learning that life can be good

All about RAFA : Learning that life can be good

Chip No: 250269300196191
Date of Birth: 1 March 2020
Breed Type: Bruno de Jura (?? as only weighs 11.5 kg)
Vaccinated: YES including rabies and passport
Sterilised: YES

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RAFA and his brother Rafi were rescued together from a simple home in the mountains where they were exposed to zero experiences, and taken to the refuge where they were terrified by all the new noise, hustle and bustle.  Needless to say they were not chipped – so their names have just come “out of a hat”.  It took a couple of weeks to get them in a position where we had a chance of helping them.  This meant until they were comfortable when approached rather than petrified, and could have a lead put on them.  RAFA has always followed his brother and eventually ventured out, if somewhat unwillingly.

We were then able to get them into a foster home together so that we could assess their needs.  Despite everything they immediately showed that they were ready for home life – even if many many things were strange and scary.  Even RAFA did not sit glued to a corner – as we had anticipated – but desperately wanted to come out and explore following his brother’s footsteps.

Despite their fears, doubtless their terrible past, neither RAFA nor his brother, has ever shown a gram of aggression.  Their choice is always to leave the scene or make themselves small.  They have so much love to give.  While his brother Rafi is ready to move on, we feel that RAFA needs more time.  We need to give him a chance to find his own form of confidence rather than hiding behind his brother.

RAFA is currently in foster in Department 19 (CORRÈZE) and needs a little time more.  However if he has captured your heart, you can still contact us on info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.