Chip No: 250268743626372
Breed : White Swiss Shepherd
Date of Birth: 28 October 2020
Vaccinated: Yes including passport
Sterilised: TBC
OK dogs: Yes
OK cats: No - been allowed to chase
OK children: limited experience - probably more afraid of them than anything

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RIJENEE is in need of a move from a very busy city, apartment-living environment to one where she can experience more joy-filled walks, not be overwhelmed by noise, smells, and general busy-ness.   She currently does not enjoy the life she has outside of her haven of the apartment; and her owners have approached us to help find her a better life, hopefully in a family that is “shepherd familiar” and therefore understands her needs and how to get the very best life for her.

RIJENEE has been very well trained in the home environment and the couple have followed lots of advice bringing her to a good level of obedience, familiar with “brain games” as well as using her physical energy with balls and kongs when in quiet places outside.  At no point has this dog shown any aggression in any form – she is much more in constant “flight” mode, and never in “fight”.

She is a good traveller, quiet on the journey and responsive to the hand-brake going on!  She is good at the vets, happy to be groomed, is impeccably clean in the home, and has a very good vocabulary of things she knows and understands to do (currently in French).  All in all a lot of work has been done with her, but mainly in the home environment.  Sadly the immersion technique (recommended by some) when outside has not worked.

She was acquired at 9 weeks by the current owners and from an accidental litter of 11,, both parents being Swiss Shepherds.  So she is fully bred but she is not LOF registered.

RIJENEE will make an excellent family dog for a country-living family who have garden space for her to learn to run and play.  She is loyal to her humans, used to being left for a while without anxiety, and good with other dogs that she has met in social environments – so no reason to doubt that she could not live with other dogs.  Sadly she has not been trained to be with cats.  It may be possible in the right hands – we just do not know.

This beautiful girl needs a chance to be in a much more relaxing environment with lots of opportunities to continue to learn and play.  If you are drawn in by her incredible ears, or her breed type, or just simply her situation, you can drop us a line to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

RIJENEE currently lives in central Toulouse.  We want to find the right home for her, regardless of location.