All about RITA – ADOPTED!

CHIP NO: 250269100312459
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 June 2021
BREED TYPE: Border collie X
VACCINATED: Yes with Passport

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Introducing the AMAZING MISS RITA!

RITA has been in foster alongside her brother, Bossi, now for over three months.  She is now ready to move on to a forever home.  They were both part of the group of 6 very shy pups we rescued earlier in the year.  She is sister to Bruce (https://lesamisdesanimaux.com/dogs/bruce/ ) who is also now ready and looking for his forever home, though living with another foster family.

This is RITA’s story as told by her foster Mum:

RITA arrived here exceptionally timid and very much in the shadow of her protective brother, Bossi. Though she’s only been here just over three months, she has come on leaps and bounds!  She is still reserved at first in new situations, but once she feels confident then she’s like any other happy, bouncy one year old dog.  She is becoming an absolutely wonderful dog and her confidence continues to grow every day.

RITA is at her happiest when she’s chilling outside and loves to go exploring on her walks. She’s safe on and off the lead and has really impressed me by not chasing a single hare or baby pheasant in our fields! She’s also a very good jogging buddy and doesn’t tire easily. She’s safe and respectful around chicks, chickens, small ponies, big horses and cats. She comes with me when I’m working around the big horse and she’s surprised me by helping to herd in an escaped Shetland pony!  (This shows the border collie part of her but her looks are not typical of that breed.)

Despite her rocky start to life, RITA has never shown even a hint of aggression when scared.  Despite her timidity,  she’s not fearful of loud noises, thunder, vacuum cleaners, loud children, cars or anything else that makes a noise really.  The only thing that really petrifies her are men.  We can only assume that this is something from her past.  This is going to take a long time to improve and is, we believe, most likely to happen away from her protective brother on whom she relies.

She’s very fond of our two kids (3 and 8 years old) and will happily be walked by them.  They are very confident and comfortable in her company.

RITA  loves playing with other dogs, male or female, and would certainly appreciate either a home with a playmate or a regular play buddy.

I would adopt Rita in a heartbeat as she is truly one of the kindest, gentlest and quirkiest dogs I’ve met. But, her fear is holding her back with us and she really deserves the best in life.

It would seem obvious to say that RITA would thrive in an all-female household but we recognise that life is often not like that!  She does need a life that broadens her experiences without her feeling threatened, and where 90+ per cent of the time she can just be the joyful young dog that she is.

RITA is currently in foster right on the borders of Department 72 (Sarthe) and 37 (Indre et Loire) but as with all our fosterlings, the right home is far more important than the location.

If well-educated RITA is your kind of girl, please complete the online application form by clicking the link on this page.  If you are already an approved family, please get in touch by writing to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.