ROBBIE: A Very Fast Learner and all-round Good Dog – in trial adoption

All about ROBBIE: A Very Fast Learner and all-round Good Dog – in trial adoption

CHIP NO: 250268200001597
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 April 2021
BREED TYPE: Border Collie
VACCINATED: YES(Primo & Rabies)
OK POULTRY: Not advised - too much like fun!

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Who would believe that just two weeks ago Robbie pulled like a train, did not know his name, had never been in a home, let alone in a car, did not know what it was like to run free. “Fou, stupide et con” is how his previous owner described him . . . . he could not have been more wrong!!!
NOW in that incredibly short space of time ROBBIE is
  • walking comfortably on a loose lead,
  • running free,
  • has excellent recall,
  • comfortable and clean in the home,
  • a good traveller,
  • and above all a very fast and eager learner.
We think we can say he is ready for adoption to an experienced home who can continue his learning.
It is EXTREMELY rare for us to say that a dog is adopt-ready after just a couple of weeks but that is the case for an experienced family!

ROBBIE has only just come into our care – so a little way to go before we can say he is ready for adoption.  He does however need a new foster home as the resident dog really does not want a semi-permanent ‘canine visitor’ and this is preventing ROBBIE from getting the best foster experience he could!  Poor ROBBIE has not put a foot wrong within the limits of what he knows so far.  He is therefore in search of an urgent foster home – ideally one that is experienced with collie thinking and collie energy in order to ensure that it is appropriately used and developed.

This is what his fosterer has said about him:

Robbie is doing amazingly well, I can’t believe he can learn so quickly, only been here less than 2 weeks and the change is extraordinary.

ROBBIE is already showing that he is a bright boy, with excellent recall (see video), and able to take in all that is new to him in his stride.  And despite never having been in a house, he has not had a single accident!  Given that he has spent the 18 months of his young life tied up – his neck was red raw when he was ceded to us – this is quite some progress in a very short space of time.

It is clear that with the right environment and experiences ROBBIE will make a superb companion dog and would probably love to learn canine activities too.  BUT first of all ROBBIE needs a place in foster where he can continue to learn the basics.

If you are able to offer a foster placement to ROBBIE – be it Foster to Adoptability, or Foster with View to Adoption – please contact us via the link on this page to apply, or if you are known to us, drop a line on

ROBBIE is currently in foster in Department 82 (Tarn et Garonne).