Chip No: 250268712833919
BREED: Pinscher
DOB: 01.01.2017
OK POULTRY : no reason to doubt
OK LIVESTOCK : no reason to doubt
SIZE : 7.5 kg

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ROBIN was found wandering, unchipped and never claimed.  He has been in foster for almost six weeks and during that time he has developed very very quickly.  He is a bright and intelligent young man.

Although officially said to be 2 years old, subsequent veterinary views have agreed that he could be just over a year old.  He has the attitude and behaviour of a dog just coming out of puppyhood. He has a stunning black coat with a auburn tinge.  His breed type is officially given as Pinscher – but research and suggestions from people in the know say he is rather a ANDALUSIAN PODENCO CROSS.  He certainly has that look.  Whatever the case, we think he was certainly first in line for ears and grabbed the biggest pair he could find!  And from there came the name ROBIN!

ROBIN is a charming chappy, and has endeared himself to his Foster Mum and Dad, their friends and passers-by in the street.  His tail wags 20 to the dozen, he just loves to be with people and is not fazed by crowded areas.  He is at home in a cafe, bar or restaurant where he very patiently waits and watches the world go by.

Even though ROBIN can run like the wind and is very lively, he is nevertheless very laid back, so does not have a tendency to chase – neither cats nor poultry.  Because he is extremely eager to please he is quick to train and would benefit enormously from having a family who are interested in exercising his brain as much as his body through some sort of canine activity.  He travels well in the car, loves long walks, is getting used to water as he currently lives by the sea . . . and he loves to cuddle, to have treats, to be near his human(s).  His earlier separation anxiety which was quite severe is now waning as he realises that people do come back for him; and this can be continued once he is settled in his new home.   At no point has he demonstrated any aggression in any form – he attends the vets without demur; he sees and accepts other dogs; he has been just fine with the little people he has met.  And we know from the photograph taken in his temporary home when he was found, he gets on well with cats too.

All in all this little chap will make a wonderful companion for any active family, and would love a home with a garden, and even better a canine friend or two.

ROBIN is currently fostered in Department 34 (Hérault) but is available for adoption anywhere in France subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about ROBIN, have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

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