Chip No: 250269604425293
DOB: 1 September 2011
OK CATS : Not recommended as not tested
OK POULTRY : Not recommended as not tested
SIZE : 35 kg


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My name is Rocho, and you would never believe it to look at me, but I am 8 years old.

I am the most handsome labrador in town. All the girls think so, and we play so nicely together. I don’t mind most boys either, but make sure you introduce me slowly as it can be scary for me to meet new boys – especially those who still have their crown jewels! If I see one coming down the street I know straight away, and make sure I put my toughest pose on. But don’t worry I don’t try and do anything. I just act tough so he will leave me alone.

My most favourite thing to do in the world is explore with my human! I would walk all day, every day, if my foster mum let me. I stalk her the minute she gets up so she knows I am ready to go! I love being off the leash! But don’t worry I never go to far from you.

If you see another dog and want me to come back, just yell out to me and I will stop dead in my tracks. But don’t expect me to come back, just hurry up and catch up and put my leash on for me. I hardly ever pull on my leash either, and like to walk gently beside you.

Now balls – I just love them! I’d chase one all day, and munch it into a million pieces. I love it when you throw it, but forget about me bringing it back, its mine. So you’d have to budget for those! And if I know you have a ball in your pocket my good leash work kind of goes out the window. I’ll drag you all the way to the park. And I make sure I say hello to everyone along the way – don’t want them to think I’m a snob!

I would love it if you would stay home with me all day, as I don’t particularly like being left alone. Who does! But if you do, don’t worry, I’m a good boy and I would never rip up or destroy any of your stuff. And if anyone knocks on the door, I will put on my toughest bark! But to be honest, I’m more likely to lick someone to death, than bite them.

I would never go to the toilet in the house either! I’m a gentleman. I would also never relieve myself with number 2s on your lawn. I save that for walks when I like to go behind a tree – don’t like being watched!

And did you ever hear of a bilingual dog? Well, Hello! I speak English and French and can do some tricks in both. And I’ll play sit all day long for a treatie!

You are probably thinking, Wow, this dog is perfect! You are mostly right. I just have to be a bit careful of my ears as they are sensitive to bacteria. My humans have to make sure they help me clean them out every few days to keep them perfect. The nice vet lady has them all in tip-top shape at the moment though.

Now there’s one thing left I need to tell you, as nobody’s perfect right? I really do NOT like the car. I love the places you take me! But the actual journey is tough. My mouth has a mind of its own and just pours out with drool like a tap the minute I step in the car. Even if the engine isn’t running! And I am so sorry about this, but I only last about 15 minutes before I vomit. My foster mummy has been working hard with me to try and get me over it, but most people think it’s something in my brain from the past making me do it. I hope you keep helping me! But please don’t come and get me if you want to take me on long trips all the time. You might get sick of cleaning the inside of your car, and I will feel terrible.

I’m not a fan of the bath, or even the lake or rivers, which I hear is unusual for a Lab. Obviously I am one of a kind, but if I’m hot I might paddle my paws and legs. That just means I stay cleaner for longer between baths. You’re welcome!

I’m on a special type of doggy biscuit for my ears and skin and my coat is so luscious now . . . but please remember to put some nice wet food in with my bikkies. I’m a high-class dog who likes something tasty with those dry old things.

It’s time for me to go to bed now ‘cos even though I like to exercise A LOT, I’m getting on in years and can easily sleep 12 hours. And if you want to sleep in, I am all for that too, and will snore on until you are ready. Ahhhh bliss.

Looking forward to meeting you!   Rocho

ROCHO is currently fostered in Department 64 – Pyrénées Atlantiques –  but is available for adoption anywhere in France subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about ROCHO, have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to