All about ROLO: ADOPTED!

CHIP NO: 250268500974055
DATE OF BIRTH: 20 January 2014
BREED TYPE: Braque (German Shorthaired Pointer)
VACCINATED: Yes with Passport
OK Dogs: YES

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ROLO is a delightfully kind dog and named by his foster family to go with his glorious chocolatey-caramel coloured coat.

As ROLO is now fully recovered from a broken leg which had him in crate rest for several weeks, his personality is blossoming and he is becoming a super family dog.  His only downside is that he remains tense in the presence of cats and we would therefore recommend a cat-free environment.  Other than that, there is not a lot more you could ask of a dog, especially for a dog who has been so neglected in the past.  ROLO has a superb temperament and he loves to play, to cuddle, to walk, to eat and to learn.  Even during his rehab period to mend his broken leg he remained stoical and well-mannered as he had to be relatively inactive for a dog of his type.  The German Shorthaired Pointer is a no fuss, active dog ready for the off at any time but also very very happy to languish on a comfy sofa when it’s clear there’s not a lot happening.

ROLO is a loving, affectionate and confident boy.  He is strongly food orientated which makes training him into new ways, new things, that bit easier.  Sadly, his tail has been docked – but it does give him a happy, wiggly bum!  He is a good car traveller, and beautifully behaved when undergoing vet treatment/check-ups.  As he blossoms he is learning new skills.  No problem in busy market environments.  Likes being stroked by kind and respectful children.  And his latest joy is retrieving:

ROLO would love to have a family to call his own.  One that likes reasonably long walks – they need not be fast  walks as that would give him loads and loads of sniffing time.  His leg is as good as it will ever be – fully recovered though there may be the occasional limp.  As he builds up muscle that will improve greatly too.  So a family that also likes to sit and relax to give some vital cuddle time as well.  He’s a real softie at heart!

For anyone loving this versatile breed, and in particular their sheer love of life, ROLO would be a wonderful choice for anyone prepared to give a mature adult dog a lovely life.   He is currently fostered in Department 32, Gers.

If ROLO has caught your heart, please apply by clicking on the link on this page.