ROLY – Big Affectionate Lad in need of help

All about ROLY – Big Affectionate Lad in need of help

Chip no: 250269610011970
Breed Type: Berger Hollandais
Date of Birth: 31/08/2020
M/F? M
Vaccinated: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: in the home yes.
Good with cats: in the home yes

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Please meet ROLY who is living with his Good Samaritans who found him starving, abandoned on the banks of the Dordogne.  He was lying next to the road, too weak to stand.  At this point he weighed only 16 kg.

He is now in full and excellent health and has been cared for for nearly a year . . . but sadly he is too big, too strong, too active for these caring but senior people – his humans who he loves dearly.  They want a better life for ROLY and particularly whilst he is still young.

Now he is not a finished product.  ROLY is one of those dogs who is totally obedient and loving at home but outside he is reactive to ‘things that move’.  His family recognise that he needs work to help with his reactivity but are too frail to dare to try with him.  At 35 kg he carries some power, and thus he is in a vicious circle.   So we are wanting to find a family that is well-disposed to undertaking the training he needs – under guidance if necessary – so that ROLY can become a pleasure to walk and it is a pleasure for him too.

Here is the excellent list of what ROLY has to offer in his home environment :

  • he has all the basic commands,
  • sleeps all night (about 10 hours) and never moves or barks.
  • Of course he is fully house trained and
  • not at all destructive when left.
  • Loves water.
  • Very affectionate to humans, and the resident little dog
  • Ignores free range chickens.
  • Cats are OK if they live with him but if they are outside the fence teasing him he barks.
  • Good traveller but barks with excitement when going on a walk
  • Knows how to play with toys and other dogs
  • Has good recall

ROLY’s life has, up until being found, been a turmoil, lack of consistency and abject neglect (the back history is known by his current family).  Now he is a steady and confident dog on his own territory.  We feel ROLY would benefit from an active, time-to-spend-on-training family who are experienced with any of the berger breeds – German, Belgian or Dutch – and understands their way of working, their eagerness to please, their loyalty and intelligent willingness to learn.  ROLY will respond a thousand fold if he feels confidence at the other end of the lead.  It may take time, but with patience and consistency we are sure that huge strides would be made.

We therefore recommend fostering in the first instance – ideally with a view to adoption.  ROLY currently lives in Department 46 (Lot) and close to the Dordogne.  An understanding home is far far more important than location.

If you feel you could help ROLY please click on the link on this page to complete our online application form, or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

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