ROUCKY – a brave and calm soldier

All about ROUCKY – a brave and calm soldier

Chip no:250269100312500
Date of Birth: 01/03/2015
M/F? M
Breed type: Beagle x
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes - just a little time and patience to introduce

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UPDATE:  Roucky is doing well – the antibiotics seem to have done their job and the bone is knitting – so much to our surprise and delight, we are advised to keep a watchful eye on it with frequent monitoring.   Sadly it means him moving again into foster but he’s a stalwart gent – takes everything in his stride, very little fazes him.   We are therefore hoping that he will integrate very quickly and now go from strength to strength.

This boy is easy-going, enjoys the company of other dogs, has lived with a cat, and fulfils the pet criteria for many erstwhile owners.  And just LOVES a sofa and a cuddle!

ROUCKY’s STORY:  He  was abandoned at the refuge at 9 years of age with a broken leg and other wounds incurred in an RTA. He had surgery to repair the leg and then came under our wing. However, things have not gone well for ROUCKY – sadly upon his first check-up which we brought forward it was discovered that the work done on his leg prior to our taking him under our wing  had failed and infection had set in.  He’s now under our specialist orthopaedic vet and the ability to save his leg is in the balance.

He’s on 15 days of targeted antibiotics and then will hopefully be operated again.  Once this is done – we shall be looking for a further foster home for him to give him maximum chance of recovery.  Updates to follow – but if you think you could help, please do get in touch:

  • Click on the link on this page to complete our application form, or
  • If you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

During his time in foster he has not been any trouble, taking his rest in his stride and even with the need to spend a few days in different places here and there it has not fazed him at all.  He’s just a nice mature chap who will love a good run around when he’s fit – of that there’s no doubt – but a totally lovely soul!

You can find out more about fostering and/or adopting with Les Amis here on our website.