ROUX – A happy chappie and ideal small companion dog

All about ROUX – A happy chappie and ideal small companion dog

CHIP NO: 250269591118127
DATE OF BIRTH: 6 December 2016
BREED TYPE: Ratier X Basset Fauve ?
VACCINATED: Yes, with passport

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ROUX came to us as an “oldie” and as such went into foster with a view to this being a lifetime foster.  As we always try and make a match between dog and family it started to become apparent that this was not a match that was going to work . . . . because as ROUX began to feel better, to decompress, to want to participate in life again, he became “younger” and more active  which was not what this particular fosterer  – an older lady – was looking for!

So it was with regret that we had to find him a new temporary lodging and see just what he was like and what sorts of walks and exercise (brain and body) he needed . . . . and hey presto he’s turned out to be a great regular little chap . . . and one who is now looking for a good home that matches who he is.  Even though he’s carrying a bit too much weight – it is gradually disappearing – you can see his joyful swagger in this short video and also note his glorious coat colour!

This is an update after a couple of weeks with his fosterer:

ROUX is an affectionate little pooch about the size of a Jack Russell Terrier, with a glorious red coat, currently 8.5kg but still losing a little weight. He will engage in play especially with another dog. Loves his walks.  He is a little timid of hands above his head and will still cower slightly.  He eats well on basic food  with a tiny amount of tinned meat mixed in. He loves his crate and sleeps there voluntarily with an open door.  He is still being a little noisy if shut in during the day but perfectly ok at nights – so that’s a work in progress.  He travels very well in the car attached by his harness for safety.

ROUX is everybody’s idea of an ideal small companion dog and can be taken everywhere. He shows every sign of being faithful and comes back to me as soon as he is called on the 45 foot training lead.

He is a sweet little dog who is happy to have a home/people or person and kind words

His fosterer has noticed that he may have been trained to help someone who was deaf as he barks both at door bells and at telephones ringing but stops immediately he is told!!

We know that he is totally ready for a new home – one that is looking for a small companion to go anywhere and everywhere with them.  He’s just up and ready for a new life!

If you think you’d like to know more about ROUX – even offer him the home he is looking for – then please apply online by clicking the link on this page or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

ROUX is currently in foster in Department 86 (Vienne).  He will of course go to the best home we can find – location is not a limiter for us.