ROXANE: Loyal, Loving and Learning

All about ROXANE: Loyal, Loving and Learning

Chip No: 250268730081312
BREED: X Malinois
DOB: 23 May 2012
OK CHILDREN : Respectful, say from 6 upwards.
OK DOGS : YES – with good integration
OK CATS : Not currently advised
OK POULTRY : Not met, therefore not tested
OK LIVESTOCK : Still learning

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ROXANE is perhaps one of our most suffering rescues and has come a very long way in foster. If you have been tied up for pretty much 7 years of your life, and have become reactive to movement, how do you learn that this sort of behaviour is not required and no longer necessary?

You work extremely hard, – or rather your human works very hard with you to give you the confidence that this level of reaction is neither needed nor required.   Your human takes professional advice and attends classes to help in those areas needing particular attention. You practise, and you practise and you practise, and gradually that reactivity to movement starts to decrease.

ROXANE has had this learning over the past few months and now deserves, and is ready for, an understanding forever home – something she has not yet known in the whole of her life. We are looking for a home

  • that is understanding of her breed type – possibly Belgian or German Shepherd mix;
  • that is more than willing to continue her training following carefully on from what her foster family have been doing and taking a long transition period with their support;
  • that sees a dog as an integral part of the family (she would probably best enjoy being an only dog);
  • that empathises with what she has been through and is willing to continue to help her reduce her reactivity levels even further.

While emphasizing what she needs, let us not forget that in so many other respects ROXANE is EXCELLENT!

  • She is an extremely clean dog, respectful of the home environment,
  • She quickly learns and abides by the rules of the house, so long as she is reassured she is doing it “right”.
  • She absolutely adores her humans – though it has to be said that she is more readily comfortable with women than with men. Men take just a little longer – again a reflection of her prior experience.
  • She is extremely loving and loyal
  • She loves to play – ball being her favourite game.
  • Her recall is excellent and she has no desire to wander off.
  • She loves the car and travels quietly, without distress or sickness.

This is an extract from the most recent report from her trainer and behaviourist who has been working with her foster family:

As a result of her being left tied in one place, she had previously become used to reacting to any movement stimulus. Due to the number of years of this behaviour going unchecked, it will take continuing effort to change, though I believe this can certainly be achieved. Roxane is a loyal and loving dog who takes great pleasure in play with her owners and in having a safe and secure environment in which to relax. She is always enthusiastic to be involved  in any activity and is curious and good natured. She responds very well to a calm and relaxed home environment but is equally happy to experience a variety of activities. Wherever she is adopted, she will benefit greatly if the new owners continue to work with her current foster owners in order to understand her behaviours and help maintain the improvement in these that their hard work has created thus far.

ROXANE is currently fostered in Brittany (Department 22), but is available for adoption anywhere in France, or even farther afield, subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about ROXANE and have the opportunity to meet her either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to