ROXANE: A young head on wise shoulders

All about ROXANE: A young head on wise shoulders

Chip No: 250268730081312
BREED: X Malinois
DOB: 23 May 2012
OK CHILDREN : I like children who are respectful of me.
OK DOGS : YES – with good integration
OK CATS : Not currently advised
OK POULTRY : Not met, therefore not tested
OK LIVESTOCK : Still learning

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Hello, I’m Roxane. Although I am already 7 years old, my life is only just beginning. You see I have spent a lot of my life so far just tied up on a short chain, fed occasionally and no shelter. So I have been on a very steep learning curve and, having learned a LOT, I have been promoted to “finishing school”!   I just love learning because it means I spend time with my humans.

I have recently been allowed to run free off lead because my recall is, according to my Foster Mum, just “excellent”.  I have to admit that it is in places where there are no distractions, but I am learning about those too.  I have also been playing ball quite a bit – something I once knew a long time ago.

As I have got fitter, my energy levels have returned. I love my food, my bed, walks but above all else I love my humans. I am clean in the house, so “living in” is just fine for me. I like to keep my human’s feet warm, or – if allowed – snuggle up on the sofa.  Belly rubs are fantastic!  And I know my boundaries – if I am told ‘no’ – like not allowed upstairs – I do not break those rules.

I am extremely well-behaved in the car and love to go for a drive. I had to travel a long way to get to my foster Mum with many different people. They all said I was as good as gold.

At the moment I am learning to get used to people riding bikes, cars passing close by, horses and other dogs when out and about.  I am learning that I do not need to be afraid, so lungeing and barking is not necessary.  I did not know this before.  No-one ever helped me learn.  The more I see these things with my Foster Mum reassuring me, the more I feel comfortable.  She says I am highly intelligent, learn quickly and am improving by the day.

Once proper introductions have been done, I am pretty much OK with other dogs.  I’m more the “rub along with” sort of girl than “come and play with me” but I like the companionship.  However, I would not mind being an only dog either so long as I had some two-legged friends to play with.

So what would I love to have in my forever home: Humans who are understanding, gentle and patient.  A house into which I would be welcome, and a safe garden in which I can run and play. A family life that involves me so I get to go out and about with my family. I’d like a family to which I can bring joy in a quiet, loving way.

ROXANE is currently fostered in Brittany (Department 22), but is available for adoption anywhere in France subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about ROXANE have the opportunity to meet her either virtually or in reality, you can:

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