Chip no: 250269591204198
Date of Birth: 01/10/2020
M/F? F
Sterilised: not yet
Breed type: Berger x
Good with other dogs?
Good with cats? not tested
Good with poultry? seems rather over-interested, so possibly not


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UPDATE:  ROXY is making a first-class recovery and will very soon be available for adoption.   She has had her first set of post-op Xrays and all is looking good.  She is still on very very limited exercise.  Her fosterer is giving her whatever training is feasible in these limited circumstances – but we can say that she is totally clean in the home, understands her name and a few of the basic commands.  She is very very used to a snuffle mat, and a variety of brain games to keep her fully occupied.  A bit like royalty she also knows to wait to be helped onto and off the sofa where she is allowed to go for a bit of a break from the crate.

Of course she is wanting to be a “normal” dog but is not yet allowed.  So we shall be looking for a family that is prepared to pick up the reins of her post-operative care and give her the best possible start to life.  Foster with a View to Adoption will certainly be an option as she is not yet sterilised.

If you could help ROXY have the best of lives, then please either complete the application form linked to this page or if you are already known to us, drop us a line at


This beautiful girl didn’t even have a name!

Dumped at a vet surgery with a fractured femur and old shot pellets embedded in her, she had no ID and her only hope was to come under the wing of Les Amis des Animaux.  We were more than prepared to pay the 4 figure sum to reset her leg and give her all necessary veterinary care but simply had no foster families available to take her in for the 2 months needed for her to rest and recover from the surgery.
Fortunately our prayers were answered, a lovely foster family responded to our appeal, Miss No Name went straight to our specialist vet, her operation was successful and she is now recovering well with another few weeks of boring crate rest ahead of her. And – she finally has not just a name, but also a loving foster family to help relieve the boredom.
Here is what her foster mum has to say:

“The little rockstar is doing brilliantly. She is getting fed up with being locked up and obviously has lots of energy, but is very well behaved on her tiny wanders round the garden on a lead. She has been eating all her food, so very easy. My youngest loves to lie in the crate with her and the eldest has been giving her lots of love through the bars.”
Roxy is completely clean in her crate and in the house. She already responds to basic commands in both English and French. More of her personality will shine through as she recovers not just from the surgery, but also the huge upheavals she has experienced in the last few weeks.

We shall know at the start of June how the leg is healing when she has her first set of Xrays.  Right now as far as ROXY is concerned, she believes there is nothing wrong with her and she just wants to play, run and thoroughly enjoy life as any young and vibrant dog would.

She will soon be looking for her forever family once her post-op care is over – this could be a foster with view to adoption as she is not sterilised.  She will need a family willing to enjoy playing catch-up on the vital time she has lost whilst undergoing crate rest.  She will need to learn what life is like when she is no longer “behind bars”!!

If you would like to express an interest in Roxy, please complete the application form on this page or if you are already known to us contact us by email to

Roxy is currently fostered in Department 31 (Haute Garonne) but applications from farther afield are very welcome