RUBIE: Starting to blossom in foster

All about RUBIE: Starting to blossom in foster

CHIP NO: 250269100312652
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 June 2021
BREED TYPE: Border Collie X
VACCINATIONS: Yes including passport
OK DOGS: Yes, essential for company
OK CATS: Not tested

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RUBIE is coming along in leaps and bounds and will soon be ready to find her forever home.  She is super eager to please, quick to learn and her confidence is building all the time.  She’s been described by her fosterer as a “real café girl now” – which means she is unfazed by being in a café and just settles down with no fuss.

RUBIE – along with 5 of her siblings, one of which is Bruce – were taken into care from a very old man who cared for them deeply but was ignorant about what they needed.

Despite appearing to be one of the most confident, she has in fact proven to be one of the most scared and skittish.  It has taken a little while for her to indicate that she is feeling safe in more than one spot in the home.  Once achieved she has then developed very quickly.  RUBIE has taken to enjoying her walks; has been to a bar – and even a night away in a hotel alongside her two canine buddies who are teaching her so much.  She also loves her humans and comes over all waggy when she sees them.

RUBIE will surely benefit from having another canine in the home – she watches and learns a lot from them!  Although she can be scared of new things and dependent on others for her confidence, with love, patience and time it is all coming together.  A stay in a pension along with her two buddies has enhanced her confidence which has rather surprised us all!

Just see her joie de vivre and how her recall is coming along (note: the barking is not her!!):

If you think you could offer RUBIE the love, time and patience that she will need to become the adult dog she was meant to be, then please complete the online application form on this page.

RUBIE is currently in foster in Department 09, Ariège.