All about RUFUS – ADOPTED!

CHIP NO: 250269604886252
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 April 2009
VACCINATED: Primo now done
STERILISED: to be done if health permits

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Very very lucky boy RUFUS – has become a Twilighter!

RUFUS was found wandering in a terrible condition – whether he had been injured or his back-end was weakened by age we did not know.  The state of his coat was quite appalling – probably poor nutrition, poor care and straight negligence.

RUFUS is now in our care and will remain so as a lifetime fosterling.  Little by little he is gaining strength . . . and as he does so his character is emerging.  He has a lovely temperament with humans, is fine with other dogs, and finds a way to put in a little spurt at the prospect of a walk!   He’s a bit of a devil for food – probably because he’s spent most of his life starving – so a home without chickens is essential we have discovered!!!  Also nothing with food in it that is accessible – be it bin, bag, open drawer or counter top – is at the moment safe.  He is in fairness still learning that food will always appear – a concept we are guessing is new to him – so this strong desire to be opportunistic where food is concerned, may well subside.

His age – we are unsure.  His chip said 14 but the vet feels he may be younger.  All RUFUS needs is a simple life with lots of love, opportunities to walk at his pace for as long as he can, and of course food to help him grow stronger and healthier.  He is not a small dog, weighing in underweight at 26 kg.

If you can offer a panier de retraite/ a forever home for this old chap to wile away his days, then please get in touch either by completing the application form (the link is on this page), or writing to

RUFUS is in limbo home-wise at the moment and available to move to wherever a forever home is offered to him.